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Does Primal=less TV?

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  • Does Primal=less TV?

    I'm noticing since eating primal I'm watching less and less TV. I've gotten to the point where I actually go a couple days without ever parking my bum in front of the tube. Anyone else noticed that?
    Why would that be? Does that just mean I feel good enough lately to actually keep doing things instead of just parking and melting into the sofa every evening?

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    I actually get more enjoyment out of listening to certain Paleo/Primal friendly podcasts...color me obsessed... TV is almost an afterthought. If I need news, I've twitter, and other social media outlets.. the only time I do watch TV is, if the 49ers are playing in a game I can catch on my HD antenna; or, I just go to the bar in town showcasing all 49ers games.
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      I never watched much, but the shows that I did enjoy, I don't (can't?) watch any longer. Like Food Network. It actually helped me to start losing weight, cooking at home vs take out, but I just can't watch it. Diners Drive-ins and Dives would do me in for sure. Although.... although... it is a lot of meat and fat.... hmmmm but still lots of breads and bad carbs too. I went through a phase where I just knew that I couldnt watch Food Network for fear of running to the kitchen. Then I went through a phase where I could handle it and maybe pull out some healthy ideas. Now I am in a phase where I just dont want to.

      But I am doing other things that I never did before. One, I am reading books. PB books. I am gardening. I am planting trees and shrubs. I requested and rec'd a pushmower for an early b-day present, and not for straight mowing which would be okay too but for the banks and hard to reach places. I am also going to use it to mow my hiking trail, where I usually use a rider. Most of my down time is spent on the computer researching, studying the forum, studying the links it takes me to. I just can't get enough.

      I get out more also. Like the other evening, I had to run to town. Normally, I would have put it off, or got someone else to go, but I got dressed and went myself. And I found some ballerina slippers for my niece and normally I would have taken them home until she came to visit again, but this time I drove over to drop them off. They were outside and when I got out of the jeep, my sister said... OH MY GAWD! You are out of your house!! Sadly funny. I do like being at home, just because it is my favorite place to be, but it was also my safe place. So it felt good to be out and about.
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