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How can we eat so much?!

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  • How can we eat so much?!

    If food takes around 24-36 hours to enter and leave the digestive system, how can we eat so much?!

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    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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      i was wondering the same thing the other day. hmmm
      I'm too stubborn to give up so I keep on trying.

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        It's a rotating schedule.
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            not sure if trolling
            or forgetting about 25-28ft of intestine
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              'no i can't eat any more guys, i ate 3 days ago and i'm STILL stuffed'
              yeah you are

              Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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                im not trolling, and i know how long the intestine is, but when I say "so much" I mean alot. I'm a skinny guy trying to gain weight, and since ive been working out, I can tell you in one of my best days I've eaten like 5000 calories, which is a ridiculous amount of food. I mean, even for 25 feet. I understand that if theres too much food coming in, the large intestine begins watering down the rest of the food quickly, and excretes it as diarreah, but still think about how much some people eat daily, for the "hard gainers" eating 3000+ calories a day, thats a lot of food


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                  This is a rough explanation of how the digestive system works: food is broken down in the mouth by your teeth and the enzymes produced by saliva. This makes your large quantity of food a hell of a lot easier for your stomach to digest. The bolus (ball) of chewed/partially digested food travels down to your stomach where it is further broken down by stomach acid (which is nasty, nasty stuff, acidic as hell, which is why acid reflux feels so painful).

                  Your gigantic hunk of steak becomes a lot smaller and easier to digest after it reaches this stage. Digesting a whole unchewed steak is no fun for your stomach and will take a hell of a long time. By this time, your steak's probably unrecognizable mush. It travels down the upper, middle, and lower intestines, where nutrients gets absorbed, water gets removed, and any indigestible waste will become poop. Food contains water, too. Keep in mind that water is being leeched out of your poop the further it travels and remains in your intestines and colon, until it becomes solid waste that passes through as fecal matter.

                  The speed of your digestive system also increases with the amount of food that's contained in your stomach. The fuller your stomach is, the harder your digestive system will work to get that shit (no pun intended) traveling down your intestines and digested. It's pretty efficient. Actually, the human body is amazingly efficient, it's a finely-tuned machine thanks to evolution, so there's really no need to stress about what it's doing naturally behind the scenes, unless something is going badly.
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                    Great explanation. I have noticed that lately, I am not chewing my food as well. I have been IFing since Thursday (Wed. after dinner I guess) and sometimes I catch myself barely having chewed before I swallow and take my next bite. I have also found that I am not going to the bathroom like I should. I have gone, but just not what I was expecting, not like after my first cup of BP coffee. So this might not be all of it, but maybe part of it. Just chew more
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                      Might be an interesting experiment to get tubing of the appropriate diameter, blenderize a day's worth of food, and fill 'er up. Anyone's kid need a science project? Even more interesting to compare and contrast different types of diets: SAD, vegan, primal.