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Gets sick usually when on vacation?

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  • Gets sick usually when on vacation?

    I have been on and off on eating primal but i am making sure to go 100% this time. I will be going on vacation in july to a tropical island. Last summer, i went to mexico and after two days there i caught a very bad fever and sore throat and was out for two days. This often happens to me when i go away from home for at least a week. My family says i get sick all the time because i'm so picky (avoiding grains & dairy) & i said i'm just trying to eat healthier. Does this usually happen to you? Would eating primal boost my prevention of getting sick every so often?

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    Eating primal does tend to reduce illness and infection.

    I can sympathise. I always come back from 2-week holidays feeling malnourished due to food intolerances making my diet quite restrictive. Lack of vegetables is always a major issue, especially when travelling in countries where one is advised to avoid salads as they're rinsed in unsafe water. Deciding what to eat is usually a matter of choosing the least of various evils - whichever food will make me less ill.

    Take plenty of food with you, e.g. tinned fish and meat. And when you find suitable food, gorge on it!
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      Just wanted to add that this happens to my fiancee every time he goes on vacation. He always ends up getting sick if he has more than a day or two off from work in a row. I think it has to do with the fact that when he's plowing through working, his stress response stays elevated and when he finally takes a vacation, his body relaxes and his immunities go down, I dunno that's the best I could come up with because it literally happens every time. I'm no expert though.