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chicken and omega-6 PUFA

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  • chicken and omega-6 PUFA

    If grain feed beef has high levels of omega-6 PUFA, what about chickens that are feed corn? Do they have high levels of omega-6 PUFA as well?

    Thanks to all that respond!

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    Chicken's DNA make-up runs naturally higher on Omega 6 because they DO eat grains in the wild (on top of bugs and the occassional twig of grass). Therefor most birds that humans consume (chicken, turkey, duck, geese, etc) are all higher in O6 than O3, even if pastured.
    The ratio is just WAY healthier for us when the bird was outdoors with tons of bugs to eat (following cow dung on the field for maggots).
    That's why when red meat was demonized and people were told to eat 'light meat' instead, like chicken, they were also told to eat fish 1-2x a week to balance the Omega's. This is probably 1 thing that CW got right...


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      FWIU, the fat profile of corn-fed beef isn't nearly as bad as that of grain-fed chickens. I remember reading at Dr. Kurt Harris' blog that if you eat lots of nuts, grain-fed chicken and pork there's no way you can get your ratio back to ancestral standards. There's just too much soy, rape seed, and other high omega-6 seeds in their diet. Sadly, even the hens that produce free-range eggs are fed those grains to augment their diet.

      IMO, chicken and pork--including bacon--should be a treat once in a while. The majority of your protein should come from seafood and ruminants.


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