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    hey guys.
    im looking for a multi vitamin but im realy confused.
    i couldnt find a list of recommended dosage for everythinkg my body needs, and i see some multi vitamins have differente dosages i dont realy know what to choose.
    i would buy mark's multi vitamin but i live in the middle east and it would cost shit load of money to buy it..
    Can any1 give me a list of the recommended dosage of everything my body needs? im 19 years old, 6'1 and weight about 220lb by the way.

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    "Everything your body needs" varies from person to person, depending on your diet and activities. We won't really know what to recommend for your body until we know a typical day's meals and your health goals. Multivitamins sell because they're very much one size fits all. Additional supplements are mostly based on personal needs in addition to a healthy diet which should already supply your body with most of its needed macronutrients.
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      i cant find a good source of how to get what and how much i need.
      theres so much things u need.. no idea how to get each and every one of them.


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        You should be getting the majority of what you need from your food. However I think Mark and a couple of other Primal 'experts' recommend only a few supplements including Omega 3, K2 and B12, unless you are trying to treat some specific problem I would suggest you start with that.
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          A compounding pharmacy may help you nail that down. I suppose it would be pricey. They can give you good info though, like take magnesium at night (helps with sleep) and the amount you need is based on "bowel tolerance" - ie, increase slowly, dial it back when you get the runs... not my idea of a good time but I just got this little bit of knowledge dropped on me by my daughters accupunturist yesterday.


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            It definitely depends on what your diet consists of, but I think supplementing is a great idea for most people, even if they are primal. A B-Complex is most important and here is one I like (B-Right). You can use the doses there to find something in your area that has something similar. The methylcobalimin B12 is important, so try to find that form if you can. In terms of other vitamins/minerals, a good trace mineral supplement can also be very therapeutic. Again, I'm not sure what is in your area but the company Trace Minerals makes great products, and their Mega-Mag has all the important trace minerals plus a good dose of ionic magnesium (400mg). D-3 is also something you might want to supplement with, anything from 4000-8000 IUs would be good, depending on how much sunlight you absorb.