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So, if you eat ~ 1000 cals a day

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  • So, if you eat ~ 1000 cals a day

    and don't get hungry, would you please, please, share your foods, privately or by posting?

    I really, really, really want to see what people could be possibly eating in that calorie range and not be hungry.
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    I've done it and need to start doing it again, cuz Mama dun fluffed up but was in denial
    until I put some pants on that, um, yeah, didn't go on.

    You have to pick foods that gross you out to eat any MORE of, but are great when you're

    One of my favorites is a 6 eggwhite scramble with one whole egg.

    Not only is the consistency blechy, but when you think about it later, like "am I hungry?" you'll
    remember this meal and say, "oh hayil no".

    Tuna out of the can is dry and boring, so if I DID get hungry after my eggstravaganza, I'd choke
    one of those down and maybe a couple carrots.

    Dinner would be maybe BBQ london broil (super dry and hard to chew) and maybe a potato of sorts
    if I didn't die from trying to swallow the steak.

    Of course you can throw your own foods in there that you wouldn't want to revisit, but only if
    you're STARVING.

    Cuz seriously, if you WERE, really truly hungry, any of your "oh god, not THAT" foods would
    fill the bill.

    Anyway, that's what I do.

    Lemme know if you'd like to have a 1K cal a day challenge. Or if you're going to be trying it three
    times a week or whatever.

    I really need some freaking motivation and accountability.



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      I've been logging my food (never hungry) and hit a couple of 1000 calorie days (by accident).
      My goal is to not be hungry (not 1000 calories). I starved to lose 40 lbs on South Beach.
      NOT doing that again. I have high days of 1800 and low days of 1000. Probably what was
      eaten the day before also has something to do with low, 1000-calorie days.


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        I uhm, I actually love tuna out of the can and egg whites... I down the whole 500 ml can of egg whites on my high carb-low fat days and love it. I even would eat seaweed with broth. Maybe I should try jellyfish I saw in local Asian store. Or maybe grow spine and try oysters? I mean, tofu or whey protein qualifies, but it's a bad food choice.

        I would like to have 1K challenge! My 1K days should be Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays as per my workout schedule. So, maybe next week, monday morning, make a 1-1.2 K food plan and go and see if we can make it?
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        When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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          I am not being carbphobic, but I have seen people who claim it took under 1000 calories a day to lose weight that have to go VLC/ZC to lose it with a more normal caloric load (1500 or so). It is anecdotal of course, but I do believe there is a small portion of the population for whom this is just the way their system currently works.


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            I was down around that level for 3 months once (1000-1200 kcal). I never stopped being hungry really, although the hunger pangs were pretty mild after a couple weeks. What was really interesting to me was that it completely stopped bothering me. Being slightly hungry half the day just became a natural state.

            My strategy was to eat dull and consistent. So I ate the same things every day and the same time (2 meals per day, skipped breakfast). Canned tuna. Lots of vegetables. Some vegetable based soup was common. A little mayo but not much. Drank a lot of water. I'd say 70% of my calories were the tuna and mayo. By keeping it boring and eating the same things every day, I was never tempted to overeat. Probably wasn't nutritionally healthy but I knew it was short term.

            As I neared my goal weight, my weight loss slowed down but I compensated with more exercise. After I hit my goal weight, I slowly ramped my calories up to about 2200-2400. And I've kept that weight off for several years now. Of course, now my goal weight is at least 20 pounds less so I'm getting back on that wagon.


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              Sorry if this seems like an off the wall question, but why the hell would you want to eat only 1000 calories a day? If it's to lose weight, there is this great book out call The Primal Blueprint. It will explain how you can lose fat and get healthy without being on a starvation diet.
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                I'm very wary of going under 2000 calories a day. I'm aiming for health not low weight.
                F 5 ft 3. HW: 196 lbs. Primal SW (May 2011): 182 lbs (42% BF)... W June '12: 160 lbs (29% BF) (UK size 12, US size 8). GW: ~24% BF - have ditched the scales til I fit into a pair of UK size 10 bootcut jeans. Currently aligning towards 'The Perfect Health Diet' having swapped some fat for potatoes.


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                  It would help not to be exhausting your adrenals every day exercising to the extreme.

                  One of my more recent <1000 calorie days (I have these like maybe once a month) included about 2 miles of walking for activity and about 10 eggs and 8 egg whites for food.
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                    If it feels good, do it.


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                      All you that are eating egg whites....please forward me your yolks.....thank you.


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                        I dont count calories, I just try for a good balance of protein fat and veggies in every meal I eat. I may only eat once or twice a day but each one is a lot of each. I am loosing weight hand over fist so something is working.

                        Meals might include a 4 egg and veggie fritatta, Half a lb of meat and salad, A stir fry of meat and veggies done in butter. Apples cut in two and cored out then filled with almond butter is a great mid day meal as well.
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                          Okay, Leida, you are officially a Freak Of Nature if you like those things in abundance,
                          but that's okay, I still love you and it's on like Donkey Kong for this 1Kcal challenge.

                          For the haters and people that think we're trying to kill ourselves, step off and don't
                          open this thread.

                          We're all big girls and boys and know that 1kcals a day will eventually work in our disfavor.

                          REALLY?!?!?!? OMG! NO!

                          Yeah, we know.

                          We've also all read the Primal Blueprint.

                          So you all do what works for you and clam.

                          We're doing the 1Kcal challenge three days a week. WAHOO!

                          Or, we could even structure it to whatever day it's going to work
                          for whomever.

                          Like today I have a good start on a 1kcal challenge, but I may just fuck
                          it up with a shit ton of wine, later.... or I may not.... still fighting with myself... snort.

                          Okay, so bring it!

                          Should we list starting weights and stuff on Monday, to make it THAT MUCH MORE HORRIBLE?



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                            Julie, you are crazy XD
                            How's your chocolate chip addiction coming along?
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                              Originally posted by sakura_girl View Post
                              Julie, you are crazy XD
                              How's your chocolate chip addiction coming along?
                              Yeah, I was even crazy enough to do Lyle McDonald's PSMF in 2007 for two weeks... almost
                              got forced into the looney bin by the family.

                              The CCA is going GREAT lately!

                              My husband ended up getting BOTH of those bags at Coscto, the nestle ones and the ghiradelli ones...
                              they're both delicious.

                              Not too long after that, the entire family got hit with that flu shit that kills babies and old people.

                              Thank goodness I'm not ancient, and thank goodness my kids are out of infancy.... that fully
                              sucked ass, BAD.

                              Anyway, I haven't had one craving for the chips since...or, well, ANY food for that matter. HAR!