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  • Strugglin' today!

    So, it's Day 5 of the 30 day challenge. I have been feeling so great. Yesterday, I felt a little off, but I just loaded up on some fat and felt better. I haven't had any cravings or anything like that.

    TODAY, however, I am craving everything and anything. I've eaten today, so I'm not sure what's up. I'm even craving things I don't normally eat, like snack mixes from the vending machine and Diet Coke. Not sure what's going on, but I don't like it. Hard to get work done when I'm fighting gathering my loose change from my purse and making a run for the vending machine!

    Any advice?

    You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. -Mae West

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    Chin-up buttercup!

    Sound like you are craving some good old fashioned SODIUM. Yep... salt. It's possible that your electrolytes are a little low or out of balance.

    Any chance you have access to a V8??? It's not the best, but its a quick and fairly harmless sodium infusion... and the savoriness might help you too.

    I can't do salt for medical reasons, but I do use the "low sodium" little V8 cans for a potassium hit when I'm low. It really helps!
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    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


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      I haven't thought that I might be lacking something, which might be causing the cravings, but it makes perfect sense. Hmm, no, I don't, but i will have to purchase some and keep at work for more occasions such as this. Thank you!
      You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. -Mae West


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        Salting your foods or making some good old fashioned bone broth can help too.