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So I just had 400 grams of rice

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  • So I just had 400 grams of rice

    Recently I've been kind of tired and been sleeping bad.

    Anyways, I worked out fasted earlier today and came home and decided to eat 400 grams of parboiled rice with half a can of tuna (nothing else). I started feeling groggy and lethargic an hour later and two-three hours later I felt depressed, fatigued and tired.

    The feeling is slowly subsiding now.

    Is this related to blood sugar or tryptofan > serotonin? I feel much more active, energetic and alert when I eat more protein and less carbs.


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    you don't have to eat anything that makes you feel bad. if you do want to try adding in carbs, and it sounds like you were curious to do so, 400 grams of rice is nearly a pound of rice! that's probably overdoing it for one meal, particularly only adding half a can of tuna. after a work out, it's fine to go heavy and carbs and protein, but that's actually quite light on protein, and the macro ratio is kind of... weird.

    as for feeling depressed, fatigued and tired after eating that pound of rice, well, that's not really a normal reaction - the depression at least. but if that's what happened, definitely don't do it like that again.


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      Yeah I've done 600 grams of rice in one sitting before With only lethargy, sleepiness etc. Which goes away quite nicely with a cup of coffee.

      But today was fasting with whey protein before strength traning, a bit more whey after and then this meal after around 19 hours fasting. Maybe my insulin sensitivity was so good that all the glucose was mopped up fast from the blood into my muscles and hypoglycemia occured? Dunno but it's thinkable. I'm lean and tall.

      But considering I'm a bit tired and stuff atm + bad sleeping this past week this carb-heavy meal seemed to knock me out. Yeah, I should probably put in more protein in the meal as I can eat gigantic meals (I usually do) and with more protein I don't get this tired.

      The reason for the large rice intake is that I'm trying to gain weight btw and don't want to end up fat.
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        Today I had 450g cooked white rice sphagetti though I had 430g of chicken with it (doing leangains) - half a can of tuna with that much starch and you might end up gaining fat in the long run, you won't feel a bit satiated and too little protein won't help you build muscle mass if that's what you want to gain.
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          Yeah I know, I'm just experimenting with getting my calories up with the insulin-sensitized window right after a workout. Thus the cramming of carbs. I usually eat much more protein with big meals too but yeah this was too little protein and too many carbs. Feels like I need both a snickers bar and a cup of coffee basically to lighten up

          So what should I eat after a workout if I want to gain weight then? I do leangains sort-of too. Not strict fast times but usually 16-18 hours. I don't want to overeat fat because I want to remain lean


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            Well, following the advise from leangains, after a workout, one should have bout 60% of his/hers daily calories in that meal - and it should be high in protein, high in carbs, and low in fat. The macros will depend of your height, weight, sex, activity level, etc. On my rest days I reduce my carbs by a considerable amount and increase fat and will have butter, fatty meat/fish, coconut oil,full fat yogurt, dark chocolate, etc but I'm still adjusting my macros and might add sweet potatoes and maybe rice/ rice pasta on my resting days as well. I used this website for more info on leangains and get my macros as well:

            The Guide: Using IF / Leangains to Get Ripped |


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              Yeah that's what I usually do too. Going too low on carbs makes me a bit gloomy but a little bit of rice with the evening meal makes sleeping easier too.

              Hmm, yeah I'm gonna eat more protein with meals from now on lol. This glucose shock was quite the beat down. Oh well

              How many meals do you do a day?


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                Indeed, the same happens to me. When I tried a low carb diet for about 4 weeks, just as an experiment, by that time I started getting an erratic sleep pattern and it was horrible and I was becoming too carbophobic as well; but after re-introducing carbs and I tolerate them extremely well, even high amounts, I started sleeping a lot better and my dreams became more vivid as well.


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                  Yeah sleeping is way easier with carbs for sure.

                  I've done low carb, protein-heavy evening meals some times and it's friggin impossible to fall asleep lol