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Help me out here, cholesterol freaking

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  • Help me out here, cholesterol freaking

    Just got my bloodwork done and they called to tell me my "bad" cholesterol is higher (174) and that they already sent the prescription to the pharmacist. I won't take the meds, but what else can I do? I've just read the MDA posts on cholesterol, and I get it all but I've been strict Paleo for a little more than a month (no cheating at all), have lost 10 pounds (150 to 140), started CrossFit, and everything seems to be going so well.

    I don't want to freak out about this, but everybody in my family is vegetarian, and they think I'm crazy and going to have a heart attack. My Grandpa had a huge heart attack, so there's the element of genetics at play as well.

    Is there anyone out there who can talk me down?

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    A little more than a month is probably not enough time for your body to adjust and quit "freaking out". Yes, your body, not you. Within 3-6 months, people usually see a good difference.

    How are you feeling overall? Any cheating? Unnecessary sugar intake or foods you are sensitive to? How was the rest of your bloodwork (and cholesterol)?
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      I think you need to assume that everything is, in fact, going well. It has only been a month. Give it some more time, and if the numbers don't improve, then re-evaluate.

      Serum cholesterol numbers are not really very predictive of heart disease, as I'm sure you know. Even if they were, cholesterol-lowering drugs have not been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, except in the very small percentage of the population that is male and already has heart disease. The side effects can be serious in themselves and IMO, no one should be taking these drugs. That they are so over-prescribed is a scandal and a disaster in the making.

      Take a deep breath. You are going to be fine. You *know* vegetarian is not the way to go, or you wouldn't be here.


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        I've been mostly grain-free for more than a year now, with cheats here and there, but nothing recently. No sugar, nothing. I can't even tolerate the sweetness of carrots. I get a lot of grass-fed beef and lamb from a local farm, but we also do a lot of pork (it says humane certified, but that doesn't say much about the diet). I don't eat things that make me feel crappy. I've only gone strict in the past month.