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  • New and former vegan - questions

    I have a question about coconut oil. I have both the Nutiva oev coconut oil and the NOW MCT oil. When the recipes in the Primal Quick and Easy Meals calls for coconut oil, which one do I use? Do I need to liquefy the one that is solid before adding it?

    I'm really hoping (giving this 30 days to see) that this changes my health and well-being.

    Also, how hard is it to find grass-fed and/or free range meat that won't cost me a fortune?


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    Coconut oil can be added in the solid state. It will dissolve when it heats up.

    For grass-fed try Trader Joe's, at least mine has grass fed ground beef and organic free range chickens. Whole Foods ground grass fed beef is not terribly expensive and much tastier than TJ. Grass fed steaks will cost you though.


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      don't cook with the MCT oil, that's just a refined supplement. in fact, you don't need that stuff. coconut oil is great, and you don't need to liquify it before adding it to stuff, it melts at around 80 degrees or so.

      grass-fed and free range meats cost a bit more, yeah. but if you're in a big city they're not hard to find (at least not here, in LA).


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        It's somewhat difficult to find grass-fed beef in my small city that is both inexpensive and easily obtainable. I didn't see any grass-fed beef at Trader Joe's. I didn't see any at Whole Foods a couple weeks ago but went there yesterday and there was lots of if. But it's expensive. The other health food store I shop at has it at like $20+ a pound, all ribeyes and NY steaks. Where's the rest of the cow??? There are one or two little stores where I've found frozen packs of local grass-fed meat that's in cheaper cuts. I found them by doing a search on Google for grass fed beef and Santa Barbara. There is also lots of grass-fed beef at the various farmer's markets, but I've had to try several of them to figure out which ones actually have the beef and which ones don't. They've got rules, too, where if there is one guy selling grass-fed beef the other guy can't be there, or if there's someone selling chicken the grass-fed beef guy can't also sell chicken. Stupid rule because the one grass-fed beef guy has the best chicken. So basically, you have to go on a long treasure hunt and if all else fails, you can mail-order it from US Wellness Meats.
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          Thanks. I bookmarked the URL for US Wellness Meats.