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Leangains book worth it?

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  • Leangains book worth it?

    Is it worth buying the book or can the info. be found in the blog posts? I get frustrated spending money on books when blog posts already reveal everything. What is the basic premise?

    8 hour feeding window
    fasted workout with BCAA
    higher carb after workout
    low carb on non-workout days

    Am i missing something else?

    Recently bought and read fiber manace but was disappointed because I already gathered all the info from the website and the book did not really reveal anything new that I already did not read in the author's posts.
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    I don't think he has come out with the book, or if he ever will haha.
    I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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      ^^ Yeah, I think Martin had a melt down over the holidays about "the book deal". No book as of today. Most of the information can be gleaned off the blog.
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        ohh i got mixed up by the books he is offering on his website, I though he was the author


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          You can gather all the information from his website and others that share info on Leangains and you'll be able to plan your own plan and adjust as necessary.