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  • Time to Fine Tune I think

    I typed this out, mostly just to sort it out in my mind, but I would love any advice or feedback. I am still trying to understand and make sense of some things, and implement some things, and bottomline just trying to figure out what works for me.

    The scale moved favorably finally. So I am happy about that. But I can see from my weight loss chart, I have some fine tuning to do.

    I can see the peaks and stalls and hopefully I can go back and see what I did that seemed to encourage more weight loss. Hopefully it is FAT loss.

    This past month though, after the rises and falls, I have lost just shy of 5 pounds. That still puts me exactly on track for my ultimate goal, however before I was always ahead of schedule and normally lost around 8 pounds per month. (I know not to weigh so much, but I have joined 3 challenges with 3 different weigh in days, so I can see just how all over the place it has been)

    So what has changed? Well I started eating more Primal on or around March 14 (I had been slowly decreasing carbs prior to that, so going under 50 carbs really did not have much affect on me, I dont think anyways) and the scale hasnt been moving as much since that time, but I think I have formed my conclusions about that.

    Which are:
    - I feel better
    - I have more energy
    - I am sleeping better
    - I am no longer constantly thinking about food and what I should eat next
    - I am no longer eating every couple of hours
    - These 5 pounds have been effortless and painless.

    So I might not be losing quite as fast as before, but before, I was constantly hungry. I went to bed every night hungry. I woke up during the night hungry. I woke up hungry. I thought about food 24/7. I still think about health and nutrition and my journey 24/7 but it is not the same as thinking about what to eat 24/7 and preparing something to eat every 2 hours and all I can think about while fixing that and eating that is what can I fix to eat next, and when can I eat next and trying to stay on (under) calorie.

    I find that now, I dont have to think about calories at all, and I am always in a deficit. I have more energy now, so maybe I need to focus on my ST. That slowed down when I first started the shift but now I feel up to about anything.

    I find that I am just not as hungry as before. I am doing better on less, and this definitely is a lifestyle I can live with. It has basically taken me back to my roots, the way we were raised to eat. Mostly all from the garden, or meat we raised or hunted or fished ourselves. Before life and fast food and too tired or too busy to cook anything.

    So this morning, I am analyzing. I could go back to what was working while dropping 8 pounds a month, where I was cranky at times, I was ALWAYS hungry, always trying to figure out what to eat, and working out more also. My days evolved around eating and working out, and not much else. If I went somewhere, I had to worry about packing my snack, or getting back home for a workout/snack.

    Or I can continue down this other path that fits me and my lifestyle. It is painless to implement. I have more energy to get things done around my home which has been great exercise. I am finding I only need to eat about 2 - 3 times a day, rather than the 6 - 9 times that I was before.

    I had to eat more to fuel my exercise. And when I think about it, why eat more just so I can exercise more? I know there is a balancing act between losing fat and losing muscle mass. But it just doesnt make sense to me to exercise and then need to eat more because of it. So I need to fine tune my exercise program. I need to study the fitness aspect much more than I have. I have mostly only focused on the nutrition side of things.

    So I am trying to figure out what works best for me. I do wish at times it was a one size fits all. Many days I just wish someone would bring me a plate of food and say, here eat this. I got to the point where I just didnt want to think about it anymore. It was too consuming and just drained all my time and energy.

    So, 5 pounds a month is 60 pounds a year. I think if I focus and concentrate and fine tune some more, I can increase that and be even more efficient. So I just need to do some fine tuning & stay the course.

    I did alot of Grok Gardening the past few days, I had an unplanned IF for 18 hours yesterday, and well on my way towards another today, 13 hours so far, and the scale moved 1.5 pound from 2 days ago, this was after it had gone up about 2 though.

    There are some things I still do, that I can cut. Like yogurt. I dont do breads or pastas or rice or wheats or potatoes. In the last month, I did have maybe one potato and one sweet potato, not all at the same time. I was using cheese cuz I was happy to see low/no carbs but I dont do much, but maybe it still needs to go. I do about 30 - 50 carbs a day. Some days less, some days more, but never more than about 60. Fat is about 50% and my protein bounces all over from 70 - 130 but usually it is under 100.

    Yesterday, I did the bulletproof coffee, so I figure that is what allowed me to IF. My day ended up with just over 1000 calories, 22 carbs, 71 fats and 71 protein, and about 6 hours of Grok Gardening. I slept 6-7 pretty much non-stop hours. I feel pretty great.

    When I first started primal, most of my days ended up around 800- 900 calories. Then I discovered ghee, coconut oil, and butter. And some days it went up to 1700 but normally 1300- 1500.

    What else might be helpful to know? I sweat after every meal and bulletproof coffee. And various other times like bedtime, or once or twice during the night which might make me wake up briefly. Before if I woke up, I would be up for the rest of the night, or several hours anyways.

    What else? Oh my urine is definitely different.

    I think when I started typing, and needing to figure it out, I was trying to decide if this path is the right one for weight loss because the other path, I was losing 8 pounds per month. But I think if I do this right, I can get even more efficient and lose more of the fat. Time wise, it is what it is. I have a goal date, and I have a goal for Memorial day but I am going to come up short I think, but I am feeling pretty good. I am much happier this way than I was before. But I still want to learn what I need to do to fine tune. I hear about fasting and carbing up some days, and increasing calories some days, and I read if you want to lose weight, it is still about the calories so maybe I should drop that back down to 1200 rather than 1500, however I know I am at a deficit every single day, and I am not starving. But if it is about the calories, then maybe I should go ahead and eat the apple and not the TBL of butter, but maybe the TBL of fat is keeping me from eating everything else in sight. But I have solely been focusing on the carbs. I know not all carbs are bad, but still that is my focus and an apple just adds too much in for the day, but if a TBL of butter and coconut oil in my coffee can get me through as a meal with zero carbs, then it seems like that would put me ahead of the game. So I am still just trying to sort it all out in my brain.

    And I read someone's thread the other day, and the point was made something to the affect that maybe your body is where it wants to be. And then I was thinking oh great, there is a chance that regardless what I do, my body just wants to stay this way. But then I remembered I havent always been overweight. There were choices I made when I was younger, reasons why I wanted to be heavier, and then other times when I wanted to be thinner and so I was. So I know what I have been before, I know that I am heavier now that I ever was at 9 months pregnant with any of my 4 children. I know after child number 3, I got into the best shape of my life but it was a 24/7 job with lots of weight lifting. That was 18 years ago, so maybe my body wants to be something different now, but I so hope it doesnt want to just be/ old and fat. I dont think this is anywhere close to where I can be and I am pretty sure my body feels the same.

    I know, read the book. And I am, so maybe I will find my answers there. I just needed to sort some things out after looking at my chart the past month or so and I think if nothing else, this helped me to conclude that I am much happier now losing 5 pounds per month than I ever was losing 8 pounds per month. My total loss is around 42 pounds, probably more because at some point, I quit weighing and worrying about it. I had totally given up and resigned that this is my life - feeling like a little old 90 year old lady, when in fact I was only about half that age.

    Sorry to babble. I am a simple kind of gal. You guys have so much knowledge and understand the science and I am constantly amazed by the posts that I read. I want to understand all that, but I also just want to know layman's terms, just do this. I know it isn't one size fits all, so I am just trying to find my way and I appreciate all the information and perspectives everyone so willingly shares with those of us like me, that know next to nothing about the science.
    65lbs gone and counting!!

    Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey

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    Well I hope you've sorted out your mind.


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      I think I have as far as stay the course. For a brief moment, when looking at my weight loss graph, part of me felt like maybe I should go back to what was dropping the weight faster. But then once I started to really think about it, the before plan was time consuming. All consuming. Learning about this stuff is also but it is not the same as thinking about when/what I can eat again next in just a few hours. So I am learning to be in control of it, rather than it control me. It gave me a sense of freedom that I know I didnt have before.

      But that being said, there are still things I worry about, that I need to learn about. Like is there really such a thing as too much red meat and other CW things that I still read as "a brand new study" that seems contradictory. If I am not getting things I know I need, like we have fish usually 2 times a week but not always and now I am learning it might not be the best kind anyways, so I take a fish oil supplement. And I take a ton of supplements for things I think I need, and I am not sure how that fits in. But that just now reminds me, when I just stalled/gained, I was forgetting to take those daily, so I am trying to get into that habit faithfully, until I learn more about that and learn that I shouldnt.

      I guess one never learns it all. And if I waited until I knew what I was doing, I still wouldnt be doing anything. I dislike the learn as you go theory, I hate the idea of backtracking if I am doing something wrong or the idea of doing something not quite right, but I also dislike not doing anything at all.
      65lbs gone and counting!!

      Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey