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Couple month adjustment for weight loss?

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  • Couple month adjustment for weight loss?

    Hi Everyone, I have been doing PB for about 6 weeks and I'm really liking it. I am not weighing but do now I've lost some fat based on how my clothes fit. Total, I have about 15 pounds left to lose to be within a healthy range and would like to lose about 30 total.

    I've heard from various sources that if you don't have a TON of weight to lose, it can sometimes be a little bit like an hourglass slowly flipping over. Like you do notice some gains, feel better, etc for the first two months or so and then when your body really adjusts and becomes efficient, the weight drops more quickly until you hit a good point for your body.

    I was wondering if any of you with a small-medium amount of weight to lose has experienced something like this? Slowish while your body converts to a fat burning machine and then BAM you notice that you're using fuel and fat efficiently and the weight drops steadily until you're where you need to be?

    29yo FM. 5'8.


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    I was wondering the same thing!!! I have been 80/20 primal for 2 months now, and I haven't seen any change either (in weight that is!). I have a ton more energy and my moods are so much more stable, but the weight hasn't moved one bit. I started crossfit 1 month ago, and I love it, I do 4 days a week, and again, I am feeling major improvements in energy and mood, but nothing with weight or measurements!!? I am at my wits ends and starting to obsess myself, and it's not a road I like to be on......


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      I dont know about that, I am almost 3 weeks in and down 25 lbs. It is dropping off me like water off a ducks back, dont know how much longer this rate will continue but while it lasts all is good. I frequently skip breakfast, eat a big lunch and often skip dinner. Hell I made dinner last night for my lovely wife and had no desire to eat. Not even cooking got me to feel any desire to eat.
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        No, weight loss has never been like that for me. I started right on the border between overweight and normal weight, lost excess weight at the 4 to 1 lbs a week steady loss doing traditional low fat-high carb diet with insane amount of cardio and bootcamps. I went from ~ 150 to ~ 120 lbs in 18 weeks on that (I am 5'6 and 1/2 inches). As I f'ed myself into nearly sick state I started on whole foods and then paleo diets, and I could never lose weight on Primal/paleo alone, but I did gain muscule and lost some body fat in the past 2.5 years. The progress is very slow but it is still there. Whenever I am not counting and being strict, I gain fat back very quickly on Paleo/Primal. I experience hunger a lot, but whenever i manage to stay all sugar/sweeteners/fruit free, it is not a debilitating hunger with dizziness, disorientation and the like. I still hope to lose more fat to trim up the tummy and thighs.
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          One caveat: I did not begin eating Primal to lose weight and have not suffered any organic/metabolic conditions, just did it as wellness. I never had much excess when starting anyhow....10-15lbs. I'd say it took a couple of weeks eating low carb primal to acclimate then started losing at a rate of about 1-2lbs/week. I weight myself everyday even though I was not attempting to lose weight. A little OCD leave over from my wrestling days. As it started to drop I decided to go ahead and get back down to my college weight of 150 (with BW exercise). Once I got there though, I decided I wanted to get a bit more lean mass. So for the past 5 months I've been doing BBS training and ramped up my food and now I'm at 160. Feeling good here. But, again it did take a couple weeks to start losing and even at that the less you have to lose the slower the process.