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  • How much is to much?

    So I really enjoy preparing, cooking and eating meat. I like pork in all its forms, beef, chicken, turkey, fish you name it if its meat I am game but I am wondering how much meat, protein and fat is to much? Is there some kind of perfect ratio of fat to be eating? How much protein should one eat per day? I am pretty active, lift weights and am in the military and live in Hawaii so being active and working out in some way shape or form is pretty much daily.

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    50-70% fat by calories
    up to 2g protein (actual protein, not gross food mass) per kg of body weight.


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      Some groups of humans have thrived on a diet made up almost exclusively of animals and animal products (the Inuit and Masai for example) so the limit on meat is basically your appetite and the amount available to you.

      As far as ratios go, a look at various natural diets from around the world shows us that there is no ideal ratio but many ratios that work for different people. My advice would be to tweak things here and there to find what works best for you, but the idea that we should stick to one fixed ratio from day to day is rather silly in my opinion.

      For protein just try to eat plenty of meat and animal products and you'll be set. There's a huge amount of conflicting opinions out there on it, from studies saying a 200 pound man needs only 56 grams of quality protein a day to preserve his mass and other sources recommending as much as 3 grams per pound of lean mass a day. I tend to ignore all the back and forth and just get some quality protein in every meal and I've had no issues packing on muscle and losing fat.

      My advice is to eat real and natural food and find a ratio that works best for you and your lifestyle and goals. If you're an active guy you'll probably benefit from some natural carb sources like sweet potatoes, and don't be afraid to throw a big slab of fatty meat on your plate next to them. Basically just eat quality food and enjoy life and you'll be all set.
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        Thats good advice! I am training in the field right now with the occasional wall mart run so my diet has consisted of mainly eggs, frozen veggies, mixed nuts and egg protein powder mixed with almond milk. Worked pretty well so far. I have avoided horrid Marine Corps chow AND MRE's for almost 3 weeks now. I also started a pretty solid IF program like the leangains protocal which has been great for my schedule out here.