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  • Whole Foods Yogurt Purchase

    I wanted to get your thoughts on Seven Stars Farm Original Plain Organic Yogurt.

    I am looking for ways to increase my carb intake as I am increasing my training volume for my upcoming race season. Most of the reading that I’ve done has lead me to believe that Greek style yogurt with fat is most beneficial.

    I spent a good amount of time in the Whole Foods dairy section. The majority of the Greek style yogurt that I came across was 0% fat or low fat. I chose the Seven Stars variety as it is USDA organic, with acidophilus and bifidus, also I thought the calories from Fat statistics may be beneficial as well.

    Anyone out there with a little more experience want to give their opinion on this? Or make suggestions for different brands to try? Thank you!!


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    Never tried the Seven Stars yogurt, but I usually buy Fage full fat greek yogurt, though it isn't organic or anything.


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      I buy their goat yogurt. It's negatives are that it is pasteurized and they use tapioca as a thickener. And it's twice as expensive as cow's yogurt. Most of my dairy intake comes from raw goat milk that I make kefir out of. This is better than store bought yogurt.

      I avoid cow's milk. Not that I think it's really bad for you, I just don't consider it as primal food so I try to limit my intake. Goat milk is said to be much easier to digest and if you kefir it, then it's that much easier still. It's a good food for gut health so I think it's a positive addition to diet even if Grok didn't drink it.


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        I've had Seven Stars whole milk plain and liked it. Also seems as though they use good methods of raising their animals. I add a little local raw honey and some berries, done.

        My wife isn't a fan as it's a little thinner than some yogurts, so there's that. She doesn't like Greek, she likes Stonyfield, so it's thinner than that.


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          Their healthiest yogurt is Erivan. Some Whlfds also have Hawthorne Valley, another amazing yogurt. Both are better than Seven Stars. Seven Stars is good though, better than most.


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            If you have a Trader Joe's, they sell a pretty good full fat Greek yogurt for cheap.

            I dunno about Trader Joe's, though. I've started to grow suspicious of them. Sometimes things are too cheap, like a good sized block of raw milk cheese for $3.50 or so. Probably not grassfed...
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              Thanks for the input so far! Here is what I have so far:

              Fage Full Fat Greek Yogurt
              Goat Yogurt
              Trader Joe's has Full Fat Greek yogurt

              Keep the suggestions or input regarding Seven Farms coming if you still have it. Thanks again!


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                I get the Brown Cow brand at Whole Foods (plain kind only) -- about their cows here: The Brown Cow Difference |


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                  I have to butt in here and suggest Fage as well. It has 9 grams of carbs in a 227 gram serving.


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                    I've found the jackpot. Anyone looking for a high fat Greek yogurt, try this guy out.

                    Greek Gods Yogurt!


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                      Originally posted by bdfink View Post
                      I've found the jackpot. Anyone looking for a high fat Greek yogurt, try this guy out.

                      Greek Gods Yogurt!
                      Eh, I tried this yogurt before and it didn't even compare (taste/mouth-feel) to Fage.
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                        I've yet to try fage. Surprisingly all of the grocery stores in my area only have the no fat or 2%


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                          Greek Gods is my fave also, but it seems to "break" (curdle) easily, and when it does it isn't nearly as good. Safeway has this brand too, at least in the SF Bay Area

                          ...which is fortunate. Dairy cases at trendy stores stuffed with 168 varieties of 0%, low-fat, acai-berry-and-banana flavored yogurt & kefir -- and perpetually sold out of the one plain full-fat option -- are an all-too-frequent major facepalm that urges me to violence. Nonfat yogurt is not exactly a WHOLE FOOD, now, is it?
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                            Generally I prefer Hawthorne Valley natural, second best is 7 Stars - they are both from originally biodynamic origins, nowadays "only" organic, but I trust them. Both have pasture fed cows, use pasteurized milk, which is sort of OK since it is made into yoghurt, and neither milk is homogenized which is great, so the fat isn't altered; only Hawthorne indicates this directly on their label, but I got an answer from 7 Stars that they also do not homogenize their milk.
                            (the reason I prefer Hawthorne Valley is that there is more cream on top which I -and my cat- like)

                            Trader's Joe is something of a joke, they do sell an organic yoghurt, but it is *pasteurized*... so no beneficial bacteria. There are other reports that aren't too good about Trader's Joe (something about workers benefits, deceptive packaging etc. so I'm not too crazy about shopping there - except maybe for their wines).

                            I have also heard about goat milk, but have found raw milk and standard yoghurt work fine with me.
                            If you are concerned about quality foods, tho, the best is to join a private buying club and get your own raw milk, yoghurt etc. from selected farmers. The price ends up being about even, minus having to pitch in for the coop. Unfortunately CSA's don't provide milk products for the usual obvious reasons.
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                              we were buying the Greek gods for a while, then I noticed there is only 4G of protein in a 4oz serving, VS 22g in an 8oz serving of Chobani. I can only find the 2% Chobani though. We like the TJ's also. Anyone have some on hand that can tell me how much protein is in it?