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My mom just e-mailed me about LCHF :)

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  • My mom just e-mailed me about LCHF :)

    Yey so happy. Just got an email from my mom where she basically said that she wanted to start to eat healthier and if I could help her out with good LCHF foods. LCHF is good for her because thats pretty mainstream here in Sweden atleast so easier to get her going on that, shes also trying to loose some weight so should be a good kickstart and when shes gotten into that abit I will introduce her to Primal

    For now I just gave her som tips about allowed foods, warned her to not eat any gluten/grains, take it easy with dairy (she have always had stomach problems which I think is due to dairy products which is a staple food for her), let her know about "low carb flu" and to eat whole foods. I also gave her a link to a swedish website that had a good newbie guide on LCHF.

    Hopefully she can just stick it out in the beginning and continue this way, that would make booth her and me very happy I will encourage and support her as much as possible when living 5H car drive away.

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    Very cool! Good on her!