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    Pump Energy Food -

    I rarely buy lunch, but this has been my saviour quite a few times. They do serve grains, but it's set up like a Chipotle so you can just tell them what you want. Also, you can buy a side order of meat and they don't bat an eye or bring out the manager to determine pricing, etc.

    "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." -- Virginia Woolf


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      We have a restaurant near where I live that's a completely outdoor restaurant. All food is cooked on a grate over a huge open flame. People sit on large logs around a table.

      Pretty close to primal.


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        Yes, Texas Roadhouse. My wife has yet to adopt the primal lifestyle, so when we dine out, I often have to just settle for a salad. Last night, we went to Texas Roadhouse, I had a sirloin steak with ribs combo meal. It came with a sweet potato with butter, and green beans. Excellent!


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          Let's start a primal restaurant! Nothing but grass fed meats and organic veggies, everything cooked in lard/butter/tallow/NON-veggie oils. Have VLC and ZC options. Half the menu is strict primal, the other half is primal foods that imitate SAD choices, that way you can expose more people to the primal lifestyle. We have enough recipes floating around that we could probably make a damn good menu.

          Maybe if I do end up doing the primal documentary in a year or so, we can take the money from that and open a primal restaurant...

          If a man has the right to self-ownership, to the control of his life, then in the real world he must also have the right to sustain his life by grappling with and transforming resources; he must be able to own the ground and the resources on which he stands and which he must use. In short, to sustain his human right. - Murray Rothbard


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            Diana Renata, they just opened a Texas Roadhouse right down the road from me... :-)


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              I get a primal meal from Chipotle about once a week. Here's the scoop:

              Taco salad w/ no beans or rice

              Pick a meat, get a double serving of it

              Add grilled peppers and onions

              Pico de gallo instead of salsa

              Add lettuce, a tiny bit of cheese

              Side of guacamole, no chips

              Throw out the dressing, scoop the guac on and it's a tasty salad that's pretty primal. Drop the cheese if you want to go all the way, but it's a treat for me about once a week so I leave it on.

              And Texas Roadhouse has some great options. The wife and I go there a lot.


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                Prime rib and Broccoli - real grated horseradish (not "horsey" sauce) and a glass of red wine...


                You can get that at many restaurants - or sub the Prime Rib for a steak!


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                  OK here is one.


                  All you can eat, flame-cooked meat with 12-14 different choices. I'm serious, the charge is flat rate per meal. Haven't been yet but tempted to try it soon. Don't know about the quality of the meat (Brazil, factory farm?) but will try to find out. Also, lunch is half the price of dinner and still all you can eat, so I will also ask if the same choices are available.

                  A Saturday IF, Sunday am workout and then lunch here is sounding like a pretty good weekend plan. This could also be a great meet up spot for Bay Area Primal folks.

                  From their site:

                  "Guests control the pace of their experience with a small green and red-sided circular chip given to each of them. The green side "Yes, please" signals the "Gauchos" chefs to serve, while the red side "No, thank you" stops the service. You may take a break and resume service simply by displaying the green side again.

                  The prix-fixe menu is offered on a "all-you-can-eat" system and includes a sumptuous Brazilian inspired salad and hot plate bar featuring rice, beans, and a variety of side dishes, plus many vegetarians selections. Dessert is served a la carte."


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                    Brazilian steakhouses are great. I don't know how organic the mat is, but I have always enjoyed it. I have been to a few here in the Dallas area. They have a huge salad bar that includes a ton of good stuff.



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                      Lebanese and Persian are a favorite. Great Kabobs and salads.

                      A lot of authentic Asian cuisines also are good -- meat and veggie dishes. We eat Korean a lot.

                      Ethiopian meat curries are amazing.

                      Jamaican goat curry is excellent.

                      The only chain restaurant we go to is Mongolian BBQ. Otherwise, it's always "ethnic" food, which is nearly always fresher and tastier.


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                        +1 for the Chipotle salad, except here I get it as a burrito bowl, no cheese, xtra peppers and onions, and all the salsas and pico de gallo. Does anyone know of other dining out options in Northern California's South Bay?


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                          TX roadhouse is our go to for eating out, usually with wife's parents.
                          I almost always get the 16oz Rib eye (medium), house salad, sweet potato or green beans

                          Also, there's a good Mexican restaurant by us and usually just get the carne guisada palte but sub more meat for the rice and beans.
                          They just charge me for three tacos and its only like 4.50 for a large 12" plate of it.


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                            Originally posted by PrimalMike View Post
                            Texas de Brazil seems totally primal. All you can eat salad bar (which is HUGE) and all you can eat meat (pretty much any normal meat you can think of).

                            It'll hurt the wallet though. I think it's somewhere around 50-100 per person.
                            It's fabulous! My husband and I both signed up on the e-mail list and we get buy one get one free at least 4 times a year. For us, one child is still free and the other is half price. It's a really nice night out! BTW, hubbie and I put down different anniversary dates on our profiles so we could spread out the coupons (you get one on your birthday and one on your anniversary and need to use within a month... ).



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                              Texas de Brazil is AMAZING. And even though it looks pricey, if you sign up for the mailing list, you can get 50% off or BOGO deals all year round for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. All you can eat gourmet meat and cheese and lobster bisque and ahi tuna for $20-30? Yes please!


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                                Was just looking to start a "Primal NYC" thread-- and found this one.

                                Went to BareBurger last night.
                                Was completely amazing.

                                Bareburger - Grass-fed meats | Organic and All-Natural Cheeses | Organic Vegetables

                                Ostrich burger in a lettuce wrap? Friggin amazing. Reasonably priced. Great organic beverage assortment too.