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I need more carbs!!!!

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  • I need more carbs!!!!

    So, after 2 years of eating nearly every day in the range of 50 to 70 grams of carbs, I seem to have turned a corner. I am no longer feeling as satiated as I was before and it's bringing on all kinds of cravings for sweets and desserts. I really think I need to eat some more carbs. I am going to be eating more fruit, sweet potatoes, and even regular white potatoes...gasp!!! Nothing excessive but I think a little extra will go a long way for me. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    I dont like to go below 100 grams a day but I'm also an strength athlete. Bump your carbs up to 150 grams and see how you feel, make sure to cut fat and protein back a little if you dont want to go over your current caloric intake.


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      This seems to be a very common phenomenon following prolonged low carb eating. You can add in primal carbs - either bump up your daily carbs a little or add in a couple days a week where you go a lot higher.
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        Then eat them.
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          This happens to a lot of people. Start eating healthy and natural carb sources and tweaking the amounts until you find what makes you feel best.Also, if you start eating more carbs and want to stay at a similar caloric intake then cut back on the fats a bit. Cut out added fats like olive oil though, leave the fatty cuts of meat and so on in your diet since they're great sources of nutrition.
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            If you need carbs, go for it as long as they come from healthy sources. Primal =\= low carb.
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              TCM - same issue here. My appetite has gotten so sparse I don't have interest or room for carbs. I have been getting soooo tired though the last few days - like I have hit a wall. I have been actively working to incorporate them into my diet, I had a sweet potato and an apple last night with dinner - absolutely starving an hour later! Kooky how sensitive I am to it now but I felt better. I am just struggling with how to fit it all in - proper amount of protein/fat/carbs. I think my plan of attack is going to be to pull back on the low carb veg (my mixed green salad standby) & replace with higher carb veg. I just threw together brussell sprouts with EVOO, raisins, bacon, salt/pepper & garlic for a side dish for this evening. That should last a couple days. Sweet potatoes & carrots both higher in carb too. Carrots cooked in kerrygold... salivating just thinking about it.