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Eating on a business trip?

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  • Eating on a business trip?

    Hi all,

    I'm pretty new to the primal lifestyle, but love how much it has changed the way I think about food! I'm in a bit of a delimma though. I'm currently on a long business trip in Regina, SK and staying at a hotel. My room has a fridge but no microwave. Any ideas on how to eat primal while you aren't at home? There are several restaurants around, but it does get expensive to buy a steak dinner every night.

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    Yeah, I travel extensively for work and have been dealing with the same issue. I've started incorporating intermittent fasting into my travel schedule. I still need to find some meals, but helps limit the amount I eat when I'm on the road. I try to compress eating into an 8 hour window daily which means I need to only find two meals instead of three (although I eat a lot more in those two meals typically). I often don't eat at all on days I'm traveling until I get home where I can have much more control over what I'm eating again.

    Other than that, I've found a few places that serve a nice salad with some added protein options. Coconut oil travels/stores well (I eat that stuff right off the spoon now). Avocados work well if you can get them. I try to avoid packaged/canned food, but I do eat a lot of canned sardines when I'm on the road.

    (Btw, I lived in Regina many years ago, things may have changed, but I can see where that might not be the easiest city to eat primal if you are traveling).


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      How about stuff like salmon - tinned or smoked is nice, or other smoked meats that you like. You could make some salmon dip by buying a small tub of cheese (cream/ricotta/cottage) and chopping some smoked salmon into it. With some carrot and celery sticks it's nice. Buy a burger and just on't eat the bun? While the meat and salad aren't fully primal they are way better than some of the alternatives.
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        Good point on the salmon, works really well. I have eaten a lot of canned salmon on the road. Lately I've been buying frozen smoked wild salmon and keeping it in the fridge in the hotel room. Very tasty, particularly with an avocado. Can be expensive, but typically a lot less than eating in a restaurant.


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          Cold cuts, smoked salmon, canned salmon, canned tuna, raw walnuts, raw almonds, grapefruit(organic if possible), Grassfed Butter!(muahahahaha..just kidding-look at the butter threads, plain wholemilk yogurt(from grassfed cows, again if attainabla). Mixing blueberries with a little dark honey to plain whole milk yogurt is a great small meal that will give you lasting energy.


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            Wow! Thanks everyone! I hadn't thought of tinned salmon - that is a really good idea. They are all good ideas! Thanks so much!


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              I have eaten a lot of canned salmon on the road.