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    Cronometer Snapshot.jpgHi Folks,

    I've been dabbling in the primal lifestyle for some time. I'm getting more and more serious as I plan to embark on a GAPS style diet for treatment of IBC-C. Thus far, Primal/Paleo has helped a lot.

    Here's what I ate today.


    3 hard-boiled eggs
    1/2 cup of roasted asparagus (probably had about a tsp of EVOO on it from roasting)
    1 medium roasted beet
    1/3 cup of homemade sauerkraut


    1 cup of homemade kefir on 2% milk from grass-fed cows.
    9 strawberries


    2 skin-on roasted organic chicken drumsticks (I eat a lot of chicken because it's cheap. I'll try to scale back because of concerns with omega-6 fats. I haven't been able to get grass-fed beef at my local FM for several weeks now.)
    1/2 cup of roasted asparagus (probably had about a tsp of EVOO on it from roasting)
    1 medium roasted beet
    1/3 cup of homemade sauerkraut

    Afternoon snack:
    1 bannana

    2nd. snack:

    5oz of sweet potato
    1 cup of homemade yogurt (I do dairy because I feel fine eating it and it provides probiotics for my gut).
    1/2 oz of walnuts (I know, more n6 fats...)


    3 egg omelette on 1/2 tbsp of butter.
    4oz of sweet potato
    1/2 cup of sauerkraut

    Additional info:

    I am recovering from a very long series of eating disorders that have completely busted my gut (I won't go into detail). I am male, in my very late teens, 5'7", and currently weight about 108-110lbs. My weight has been increasing very slowly from my bottom.

    My big issue is IBS. I have very little appetite because of constant stomach pain and an utter lack of hunger signals. Thus, I try my best to eat as low-residue as possible.

    Is there anything that I can do to tweak my diet towards a more Primal one? I will start eating more beef/lamb while reducing chicken (trying to get the n6 down). Lower-carb will come later as I start GAPS (just researching that right now).

    Is my fruit intake acceptable? On an average day I may have 3 servings. I'm concerned about issues with fructose "overload."

    Also, I have about 1 cup of coffee per day (no milk or sugar added) with the rest of my water intake coming either from pure H2O or hot tea (w/o sugar or milk added).

    Thank you very much for the feedback!
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    this looks great, although you go for the smaller, more frequent meals approach, and i prefer the bigger, less frequent meals approach. but food-wise, i think you're doing fine. don't worry about the carbs. at all. stop worrying about the carbs. stop! a banana and 9 strawberries is not fructose overload. you're doing great.

    at your weight, never worry about eating too many calories. stick to primal foods and keep full.