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How many eggs are too many?

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  • How many eggs are too many?

    I'm eating Primal on a budget and I love eggs. This adds up to me going through a lot of eggs. Is it a problem, nutritionally speaking, to be eating 2-3 eggs scrambled, fried, or as an omlette at breakfast plus another hard-boiled egg or two during the day as a snack or sliced on salad? I'm also eating meat or fish with lunch/dinner.

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    Not if you can handle that many. I can't have any.


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      I have a minimum of 4 by noon. Sometimes more later in the day.

      If you aren't allergic to them, eggs are one of the best foods you can eat.


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        i eat 8 to 10 each and everyday.

        love them.


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          i remember there was a time in high-school when I was eating 6 jumbo a day (just regular store eggs)... i had bloodwork done and the dr said I had the best cholesterol profile he's ever seen

          Nowadays I eat between 4-8 pastured eggs a day and have no issues. I would probably eat more but the pastured eggs get pricey. I read an article on MDA where mark recommends eating 12 eggs a day to assist weight gain, so I certainly wouldn't worry about how many you're currently consuming
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            I go for weeks without eggs, then go on an egg kick and eat 6-8 a day easily, sometimes more. I tend to buy jumbo eggs too. Eggs are an amazing food, and versatile.
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              There are multiple issues, but it's going to depend on the person.

              Cholesterol: are you a hyper or hypo responder? Some people do get an increase in cholesterol from dietary cholesterol. And I an't sau that anything that ever raises cholesterol levels causes heart disease, but the issue isn't very well-understood at the moment. It might be a problem for the 30% of people who do see an increase, or maybe not. But it's something to look out for. On the other hand pastured eggs are highly nutritious and prevent atherosclerosis. There is one guy who eats dozens of eggs and has low cholesterol.

              Iron: some people are at risk for iron overload, and need to reduce iron.

              Polyunsaturated fats: some is good, to much isn't. Eggs mostly have .6g per egg + or - .2g, if you have half a dozen eggs that is adding up.

              But for most people a lot of eggs is just going to provide a lot of nutrition as long as they're good eggs.
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                Eggs are high in lectins. If you happen to react to the type of lectin in eggs then they need to be limited or eliminated. Symptoms would include stomach pains, diarrhea, depression, joint pains, skin issues.

                If you don't get those issues then enjoy.
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                  Originally posted by Jamie Madrox View Post
                  i eat 8 to 10 each and everyday.

                  love them.
                  Me too!
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                    I eat 3-6 a day, just depends on my mood. Today I have had 4, yesterday was the same. They don't seem to bother me at all.


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                      I'm glad to have no ill effect from eggs as I eat them just about everyday (raising them has it's benefits). Still need blood work done to see where my levels are.


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                        147 per day is my absolute limit.