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Ravenous on weekends.

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  • Ravenous on weekends.

    Hey guys!
    I am on the way out from my super stressful/no sleep schedule and part of that is taking a more physical job at night so someone can be trained in my old area. Now I'm unloading trucks and such. Last week was the first week that I've done it every night and I was blasted tired yesterday so I slept a lot. Today I'm STARVING!
    I had 5 strips of Bacon and 3 eggs for breakfast then a couple hours ago I had some marinated beef (made it for jerky but couldn't resist. Terriaki and maple syrup) a salad and sweet potatoe. I'm hungry already!
    Whats going on that im so hungry? Is my body repairing? Should I eat anything special/different? I'm so surprised that I want to eat again already. Its not like NEED FOOD NOW! But will be soon, prob after my walk.
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    Eat some starch with your fat and protein: a sweet potato, some squash. Feed your muscles some glycogen!
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