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  • Question about breakfast

    So, I know that most CW says that we should eat breakfast within an hour of waking up so that we can "jump start" our metabolism for the day. CW says that if you don't eat breakfast, it slows your metabolism down.

    But I want to know, is that really true, especially when you are doing Primal? I woke up this morning and I wasn't particularly hungry, so I haven't eaten yet. I had my coffee with coconut milk and a splash of cream, but that's it. Should I force myself to eat breakfast even if I'm not hungry, or should I take it as an opportunity to do an IF since I haven't eaten for many hours?

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    No? No one has any idea?


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      Nah breakfast is mostly a CW myth:
      Breakfast Buzz - Breakfast Metabolism Myth - Eat Breakfast


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        Originally posted by fiercehunter View Post
        Thanks for that!


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          I used to eat 6 small meals a day while following my low-fat CW diet a few years ago. I never understood why I needed to force food down even if I wasn't hungry.

          Eat when hungry and eat 'til full. Keep it primal foods and I think everything works out :-).
          My "breakfast" is Bulletproof Coffee every morning. That goes against everything CW tells you (high fat, high calorie breakfast, no carbs). But, if I'm not hungry, I won't consume anything and, like you said, turn it into a spontaneous IF!
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            Eat when you are hungry. Stop when you are satisfied (not full).

            Why shove calories in your mouth if you don't feel like you need them?


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              Originally posted by jfreaksho View Post
              Eat when you are hungry. Stop when you are satisfied (not full).

              Why shove calories in your mouth if you don't feel like you need them?

              Personally, I eat breakfast every day. I also work a physically demanding job and wake up hungry every morning, so context matters.
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                Whereas my job isn't that physical (or more that I don't work every day, it may be different if I did) so I seldom eat breakfast before 10.30 and often as late as 2pm.


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                  I agree with @lex. Context matters.

                  I don't get any choice about my lunchtime when I'm at work, and it's sometimes a late lunch. I have zero opportunities to grab a bite to eat before that, so waiting until I get hungry to eat something for the day could have my stomach rumbling at inconvenient times. This means that I eat a big breakfast around 7:30 on weekday mornings. If I'm not hungry when I start cooking, the smell of the food and habit gets my appetite rolling.

                  On the other hand when I don't work, I simply opt to eat when I get hungry. This can be anywhere from 8 am to noon or sometimes even later.


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                    Eat when you are hungry.


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                      Originally posted by Mouse View Post
                      I agree with @lex. Context matters.
                      x3 for context. i eat after my run around 9 am... even if I'm not REALLY hungry. i find that if i don't have breakfast (unless i'm just feeling sick or off for some reason that day), i really have trouble recovering from my run and my performance for the next day suffers. so there's also the case of using food deliberately as a fuel system for athletics, although that's less common than just electing to eat with hunger or in spite of it.
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                        Awesome, thank you everyone for the replies! I have been feeling off today, my stomach has been upset, so I'm glad I didn't eat breakfast. I did have some lunch, and now a bit of dinner and I'm feeling a little better. I want to try that bulletproof coffee sometime!


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                          Yep, eat when you're hungry and don't force yourself to feed when your body's not sending out the hunger signals. I've gone for years without breakfast and I'm still alive and kicking. Of course, everyone I know thinks I'm nuts and wonder how I am able to stay on my feet, much less work out on an empty stomach *gasp*.
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                            I am very variable. Sometimes don't do breakfast and substitute with a fasted workout then lunch at 12 or 1, occasionally don't eat until a snack before dinner. Sometimes decent breakfast and good lunch. Sometimes breakfast and no lunch. No real pattern, I joust fry to a) read my body's signals, and b) keep it variable so I don't have that need for 3 squares.


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                              It varies for me, too. If I wake up and I'm famished, I eat breakfast. If I'm not hungry, I wait until I am. I always eat dinner - I'm ALWAYS hungry for dinner, and for some reason, I have a miserable following day if I don't eat dinner the night before, even if I have breakfast. Some days I eat breakfast and skip lunch; other days, I don't eat until as late as 2 or 3pm. I just do what my body tells me.
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