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  • Another Carb Cycling Question

    For those who do carb cycling on days when they you eat carbs the entire day? Like pre, post-workout, and throughout the rest of the whole day? Or do you try to fit an enormous amt. of carbs just post workout? Someone mentioned eating like 200-300 grams carbs with protein postworkout and the rest of the meals are protein/fat. Is this an efficient carb cycle? or does it have to be full days of carbs followed by full days of non carbs?
    It would be way easier to just have chicken and sweet potatoes for one

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    DEpends what youre trying to achieve, I prefer post workout, leangains method

    No more diets. No more stress. Health made easy. Living made incredible.


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      mostly using carb cycling to maintain leanness...also for recovery. More actually for recover. So i'm more wondering if the constant influx of carbs throughout the day is any better than a ton of carbs just post workout


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        If you eat a large amount post work out (200-300g) than you will do most of what you need to accomplish in one meal, i.e. spike insulin and leptin. Martin Berkhan says he generally splits it into two PWO meals and tapers off calories and carbs throughout the day. Then on rest days he eats more fat and generally lower carb. If you really want to get into this stuff really read Martin's stuff, It's all in there. Also check out Lyle Mcdonald . I wouldn't do it unless you are already pretty lean and lifting heavy, Otherwise there is no real point.


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          yea I'm already pretty lean and the plan is to implement more carb cycling when I begin Starting Strength.