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    I have just started the 21 day challenge. I am just wondering how much fat is too much fat?

    I am eating just the "good" fats but mentally I am still feeling like it must be too much and that I will never lose the weight if I am consuming this much fat...I realise this is just my old "carb trained-low fat diet to lose weight" brain thinking this. But I thought that I should double check that I am not consuming too much fat.

    I have been battling an auto-immune disorder and the doctor has suggested I lose 10kg to get to a goal weight of 58kg (which puts me in the middle of good BMI). I have been "yo-yo"ing between 64-68 kg for the last few months. I currently run between 2-3km about 3 times a week on a treadmill. I am about to restart my yoga as well (which I love way more than anything). Anyways I have been doing heaps of research about diet because of my inability to get below 64kg and then putting on weight again and I came across this site and the 21 day challenge book. I am excited to try any lifestyle change that allows me steak and butter...hehe....but more importantly I understand the science behind the lifestyle change which is most important (I actually did heaps of metabolic studies in my undergrad and postgrad work so reading the articles it makes perfect sense and I am not sure why I didn't realise this ages ago).

    Thanks in advance for any help and good luck to my fellow "primal" lifestylers.

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    What you're really asking is, "is this too good to be true? All that butter really?"

    Eat the good fats, embrace the challenge and ask the question again in 21 days.
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      I found generally dont worry about eating to much fat, it wont be a problem, the carbs are the one worth counting.

      However I would say that you should only eat as much fat as is needed to satisfy you.

      From personal experience, and from what other people say, it seems that the fat dense foods which are primal but not paleo can restrict weight loss, due to caloric surplus. e.g. excess amounts of nuts, chocolate, milk, cheese, cream, coconut, oils.

      i found I was happy being primal, and stable at 13% bf, but to lean down to 10% I actually had to rely a little more on the natural carbs, and only eat fat which came with meat.... e.g. more paleo. This only applies to those losing the last layer, youll have to judge where you are ~

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        So true.....I think this is the part where my brain will be "retrained"....for years you hear how bad it is to have eggs and bacon and sausage with coffee and a dash of full cream....but I have had these for breakfast the last 3 mornings and I have found that my attention and energy is so much better than when I had a calorie-concious cereal breakfast with skim milk.

        I have to say the first day the cravings for sweets and breads was intense...but I battled through and now on day 3 it is getting easier and easier. I have already dropped 1 kg!! I wonder if maybe I was "gluten intolerant" after all?! I am really loving going primal!!


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          Keep it up! let us know where you are in a few more weeks.....Fat is your friend .


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            I have not read the 21 day transformation but if there was a section in there on what paleolithic people ate, re-read that and rest your mind. Our modern 21st century way is to replace real food with the parts we THINK are good for us. So rather than eat grass-fed beef with lots of the fat still attached, which contains the Omega 3 and CLA and everything else, we take supplements and eat grains and skinless, boneless chicken breast. It's idiotic. So put your mind at ease. Fat is good for you.
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              I started Primal two weeks ago and when I weighed myself on Friday, I had lost 6 lbs. Take a deep breath and dive in, it's going to be ok.