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Liver - How to explain why its healthy

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    Originally posted by Duckmanfoo View Post
    I am trying to "pay it forward" and talk about liver, be it beef or cod, to others about the great nutrition tied to organ meat.
    How do I explain liver being so good and nutritious when it is known as the "filter" in an animal and is thought of as being full of whatever "junk" is filtered out of the animal in question...

    Thanks of any input..

    It's not like a mesh filter where the bad stuff sits in it. Studies have shown liver contains virtually no more toxins than muscle meat (it is statistically significant but ultimately so low it's like freaking out over half a teaspoon of sugar) - it may filter out chemicals, but toxins are pretty much evenly dispersed throughout the entire animal. What the liver is rich in is vitamins and minerals. It's known as "nature's multivitamin" because it's just about the most nutrient dense natural food you can possibly eat.
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      Originally posted by cori93437 View Post
      Rabbit liver... pretty much the be all and end all of teh NOM!

      I just wish I had access to MORE of it.
      this! i only get it when i can get undressed rabbits. sadly, i can't even find THOSE around here...

      for something that literally "reproduces like bunnies" there is a severe dearth of rabbit meat around these parts.

      if anyone on long island has access to rabbit meat/ RABBIT liver, i'm willing to make a pretty hearty trek and purchase a good bit of it, it's so great!
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        Do animals make vitamin A in a way that humans can't?

        If the animal was raised on grain, would it still have as much vitamin A?

        I'm thinking of the carotenoids or whatver they're called that grass has, and I assume grains wouldn't.