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NoSalt as a Potassium Substitute - Making Capsules

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  • NoSalt as a Potassium Substitute - Making Capsules

    I'm thinking of taking the NoSalt that I have, filling up some empty capsules, and taking it as a potassium substitute.
    I believe one capsule is about 1/4th of a teaspoon which is about 650mg of potassium (about 8% RDA)
    I'm thinking of taking 2 capsules a day.

    I know too much potassium can stop your heart but I know 2 home made capsules is not going to do that, but I feel a bit leery about this whole things so was wondering if anyone thinks this is a bad idea?

    Also, as far as the timing goes, is it a good idea to take potassium and magnesium at the same time, or would it be better to space them out?


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    Have some bananas.
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      I'm not opposed to bananas and I do eat them. I'm not striving to get all of my potassium from supplements, it's just that I'm consistently low on potassium and so I see that this would help me.


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        Why not sprinkle it on your food?
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          Bananas are not a good potassium supplement. They are quite low in the nutrient. There are other foods that are higher in potassium.

          Be careful with taking potassium, most of it needs to be dissolved/diluted before consumption. It can burn you if not diluted. I'm not sure about the no-salt type, so that may not apply.
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            I really can't stand the taste, which is why I do not want to add it to food. I really like my food just the way it is.

            Interesting about it burning... that is something to think about.
            I'll be taking it with food and water though so hopefully it will not be an issue for my insides.


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              Isn't NoSalt essentially pure potassium chloride? 1/4 teaspoon is 1.23 mL, and KCl has a density of 1.98 g/cc, so that's 2.44g per cap if you powder it fine and pack it tightly. KCl is 54.2% K by weight, so that would give you 1.3g potassium... but it really depends on packing efficiency, I suppose.

              Re: burning etc.: Probably the dumbest low-carb related thing I ever did, once upon a time, was to seal up a "small" quantity (1/3 to 1/2 t, maybe?) of KCl in soft cheese and swallow it as a "potassium supplement". That led to about 36 hours of the most painful gastric cramping and colic I've ever experienced. Also, are your capsules designed to dissolve immediately in the stomach, or in the intestine ("enteric coated")? Not sure how far down the line my "brie-bomb" made it, but I'd think having it released in the relatively more confined space of the small bowel could only make things worse.
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                I have to take potassium every single day or I get this weird heavy muscle fatigue that is very annoying. As long as your kidneys are functioning fine there is really not much risk from taking potassium. In the dose you are taking there is pretty much none.

                I have tried every way possible to get it in. It is not fun. I buy potassium chloride from iherb but i think it is the same thing as what you are taking. I bought the capsules that you are using, but that causes a lot of stomach problems for me when the capsule dissolves and my stomach gets hit with that dose all at once.

                I have tried prescription pills from my doctor but they caused esophageal issues. Taking any concentrated dose at once just causes issues for me.

                What works best is a glass of water in the morning and one in the evening with about a 1/4 teaspoon of potassium chloride in it. I often forget the morning one and just take more in the evening. It will taste salty and bitter, but make sure it is dilute enough that you are not gagging because it will really, really be painful in your throat. I like it best if I add a little sea salt to it.

                I wish I had a better suggestion. maybe the capsules will work for you, but start with a very small amount at a time.
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                  I have low potassium too and get tachycardia from it. I know it's awful, but I dissolve the No-Salt in water and drink it. This usually causes my heartbeat to return to normal in minutes. I was told, in the ER, after the first episode that it was hard to overdose on potassium in the pill form because the molecules were large enough they just passed through the kidneys without causing toxicity or too high potassium level in your body. I just chug it down, and would never put it on my food because of the taste.


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                    I've seen energy drink recipes that use the lite salt. I bet you could come up with your own recipe. Maybe some lime juice, no-salt and some sweetener (stevia?). Maybe put some tea in there? I don't know. Get creative with it. I mean, if the capsule thing turns out to be a bad idea. I can't see why it would be bad since you're talking about taking approximately the amount you might consume if you had salted your dinner plate. Some people make frozen liver pills for the same reason. They just don't like liver but want to eat it. I imagine you have to swallow a lot of capsules of liver to get enough, though, which sounds pretty revolting.
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                      I take a teaspoon of potassium gluconate in a glass of lemon juice, water and stevia extract. Can't taste it in that. Hate drinking salty water, very unrefreshing.


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                        Hey guys, thanks for all your replies, seriously, you all are awesome.

                        Re: the capsule idea, cantare and jammies, you have convinced me that is not the route to take as it will mess me up inside. Cantare, thanks for the cheese story. Sounded like a brilliant idea to me!
                        Guess I'm just going to have to man up and dissolve the NoSalt into a liquid. Thanks sbhikes and Lily Marie for the suggestion of making a drink out of it though. I will experiment with this.

                        Anyway, thank you for all of your support guys You have essentially saved me from a stomach ache and for that I am grateful

                        If I come up with a good drink recipe involving NoSalt I will pass it along.