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Study: Bad Sleep/Disease/Weight Gain

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  • Study: Bad Sleep/Disease/Weight Gain

    Most people here are already well aware of this, but I figured I'd post it in case people are missing a piece of the puzzle. Don't forget that quality sleep is just as important as good nutrition, and possibly more important than exercise. 'Ol Robb Wolf harps on it pretty well, but we don't see a whole lot of mention of it here.

    For all of those people asking questions about why they have plateaued or feel like crap, make sure you take an honest assessment of your sleep and stress and take steps to improve both.

    If you do shift work, quit your job. If you're a firefighter, EMT, policeman, ER staff etc... recognize that you are making a big sacrifice for society, and decide how long you are willing to endure it before you must quit for the sake of your health.

    Lack of sleep linked to disease |

    The sleep allowed in the study occurred at all times of the day and night to help copy the schedule of rotating shift workers. Chronic sleep restriction and disruption to the body's internal clock caused about a one-third decrease in insulin secretion after a standard meal, the researchers found. Too little insulin raises glucose levels in the body for longer periods and may increase the risk of diabetes, Buxton said.

    Participants also experienced an 8 percent drop in resting metabolism, the amount of calories burned by the body's muscle excluding exercise. The slowed metabolism could contribute to a 12.5-pound increase in weight over a year.

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    What about disease that causes poor sleep... that equals weight gain too. Just sayn.

    (I have a nerve disease that causes chronic pain... me and insomnia/restless sleep are OLD friends. )
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