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  • gluten free?

    Can someone give me some feedback on gluten free products such as pasta, tortillas, pizza crusts, etc? Are these Primal or not?

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    Most Primal folk avoid all grains. I personally only eat rice, a mix of brown basmati & wild rice in 50g serves, & only about once every 2-3 weeks. I do occasionally indulge in seaweed rice crackers but am trying to cut them out.
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      Not necessary. Avoid them.
      if you're desperate for a sandwich, go for Pure Wraps or lettuce. Pasta & Stir Fry have other options, too, like spaghetti squash, angel hair coleslaw, and broccoli slaw.
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        There are some primal substitutes for those things.. they usually involve nut flours..and aren't really that healthy for you, they are really meant to be treats not staples.

        Once you learn to cook and eat real food, you will not find it necessary to eat those old foods. This comes with time and experience. There are loads of delicious primal meals out there.
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          I use pasta made from rice about once a month. It's pretty good but I would never eat it on a regular basis. My husband has to eat gluten-free but is not primal, and the only gluten-free product he will eat is the frozen pizza crusts made from rice and that's only because he really wants pizza. Substitutes are usually weird tasting and unnecessary. I think it's easier to live without them.


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            Primal eating focuses on low toxin eating - generally this means avoidance of all grains. Many of the wheat-free substitute foods have bad oils, chemicals, and highly processed grains in them making them not a good choice for regular consumption.

            Focus on eating foods without an ingredient list. Lots of meats, fats, veggies, and fruits.
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              Pasta, tortillas, pizza, and bread are processed foods which often contains gluten. Hence it is not the primal way of eating. Even if there are some that are gluten free, they are still high in carbs. People with celiac disease should definitely stay off gluten. However, many people who do not have clinical celiac will may still have some limited amount of gluten sensitivity without knowing it.


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                There are gluten-free substitutes for absolutely everything. I actually enjoy most of gf-made foods. However, since being primal, I do not eat any. The foods usually aren't primal.
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                  Meat and vegetables are good substitutes.
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                    I like Chebe Pizza crust, it's good!


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                      If you're trying to lose weight, I wouldn't touch gluten free foods. Too many calories and too costly. And if you have any kind of problem with overeating, especially stay away from the gf snacks - some of them are so tasty it's hard to just eat a serving. I learned my lesson a few years ago: stick with unprocessed foods to make things easier.

                      Like others mentioned, use vegetables as replacements for pasta products. Try riced cauliflower, thin strips of zucchini, thinly sliced eggplant, or something similar. Your body will thank you for the nutrition.
                      I'm retraining and strengthening my taste buds, one primal meal at a time.


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                        Here's a great recipe for pizza:

                        It uses a grated eggplant plus an egg and 1/4 cup each almond flour and flax meal to make the crust. It tastes great - - even my picky husband enthusiastically eats it!


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                          I think these products are a great way to start weaning yourself off of grains. It's hard for people to give up bread and pasta cold turkey. These are great bridge foods.

                          Most of them use tapioca starch, potato starch, rice flour and corn starch. Not great foods, but worth eating if it helps you eliminate gluten from your diet.

                          I advise people beginning this diet to take it one step at a time. First eliminate gluten and sugar. Those are the two most common bad foods, the most addictive. Eat freely of gluten free substitutes, potatoes, rice. Use stevia as a sugar substitute. Make your own chocolate using baking chocolate and stevia.

                          Once your body stops craving bread, baked goods, pasta and sugar, you will be ready to start slowly replacing your substitutes with more nutritious primal whole foods like healthy meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts.


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                            Huge thanks for all the feedback. I hadn't had any gluten free products since becoming Primal and to be honest I never ate it before. I didn't think gluten bothered me. ha ha now I'm not bloated...ever! And I have been learning to cook wonderful meals. My friend wants to try PB but thought gf was still Primal. I'm going to have her read your posts. Thanks again!


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                              I don't mess with the gluten free stuff- too expensive and raises insulin just about as bad. Consider it a treat.