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Can you be primal and DAIRY FREE?!

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  • Can you be primal and DAIRY FREE?!

    I have food allergies. Gluten and Dairy. Primal is perfect for the gluten-free part of it all...But what about the dairy? Eating only Fruit, Veg and Meat doesn't sound all that bad.

    I have not gotten the book, yet. (Yes, I plan to!) This is all part of my pre-plan research. Thanks.


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    I don't do dairy by choice except a very occasional bit of cheese. (although I'm considering adding some butter to cook with sometimes) Meat, veg, and fruit work perfectly for me so I don't see why it can't work for you.


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      Of course! Many people are.

      You can be primal and 100% brussels sprouts free also But what would be the fun in that.
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        I don't eat much dairy at all, maybe a bit of butter and some cheese sometimes. I eat a shit ton of fruit, veggies, and meat and I've seen great results, as have many others who eat a similar diet.
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          Absolutely. I tolerate dairy fairly well, and I do love raw milk, but it currently does not fit into my budget. The only dairy I eat regularly is grass-fed butter, and that can EASILY be replaced with another fat source. There is nothing "essential" about cheese, milk, cream, etc. It tastes great, but isn't pivotal in a healthful diet.


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            Absolutely! I also have allergies and do not eat any dairy. It is not essential.


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              Very little dairy here. Once in awhile for fun.
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                i do occasional dairy (heavy cream in drink) ... but feel MUCH better when i dont, and im less bloated when i dont as well

                also, it slows weight loss for me
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                  Me too.....fairly lactose intolerant, I eat a little cheese and butter every now and again.


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                    I use butter/ghee and have a little cheese once in a while as a treat, but no other dairy beyond that. Lots of us are dairy-free or close to it.
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                      You absolutely can.

                      Dairy only if your gut can tolerate it. Raw dairy is preferred, greek yogurt, kefir.

                      I do not consider butter to be dairy. I eat quite a bit of it.
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                        There is such a thing as being primal & dairy free
                        It's called Paleo.
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                          Primal only includes dairy for those who can tolerate it. It is suggested that everyone eliminate for 30 days to see if they can actually tolerate it.

                          Yes Bork is right.. Paleo is Primal sans dairy.
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                            I'm like Owly.

                            I have butter a couple of times a week (no allergy), cheese as a rare treat, etc etc.

                            It would be easy enough to go without.


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                              Actually, according to The Book, the best dairy is no dairy.