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Encouraged to cheat on diet, words of wisdom, to not do so!

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  • Encouraged to cheat on diet, words of wisdom, to not do so!

    6 foot formerly 315 lb male(family history of extreme obesity), non paleo weight was 280(after 5 years of CW dieting), current weight is 266 after 25 days on paleo. I went all in first day, never looked back and felt great since day one. Experienced very mild Carb flu, mostly cognitive fog and not having my brain fire on all 8 cylinders.

    My wife is not joining me on this adventure but I wish she would. I am not trying to insult my wife, but she has gained 50 pounds since we got married 5 years ago. While in the same time I have lost 35 lbs, but after discovering the Paleo diet, I have realized that my cooking did it to her.

    I cook the majority of the meals, and when I didn't she hits the drive-thru. The last few years I have been suffering from corporate ladder syndrome(Neglect family, focus on job to get ahead... to make a presumed better life for family). I have since realized my errors, quit my dead end job and started fresh with a new company.

    My wife calls me around noon, and says "I know your on this diet but I heard you are supposed to cheat once a week, and it has been months since we had lunch without the kids." Knowing how much my I neglected our marriage, I agreed and went to lunch with her. I enjoyed the time immensely, and the food I chose could not have been any worse. I justified a Taco Johns Super Potato Ole, as if I am going cheat, might as well be an old friend.

    BAD IDEA!!!!!
    After only a few bites, my body went AWOL... The gag reflex was hard to suppress, she kept asking me "Are you alright?", I told her I just needed to burp. Halfway through I couldn't take it anymore, and played it off as I am just full. I took a few swigs of her Mountain Dew, which only made things worse.

    After lunch we went to my mother in laws, my head started pounding and I felt light headed. I suffer from Hypertension Stage II for the last 8 years, and heartburn since I was 10 years old. I took my blood pressure, 160/107, then I took my 2 Blood pressure meds and ate some celery.

    At 5 PM, I decided a rest period was best, took a nap for a few hours, and then got back up. As a person who has been poisoned(literally by NOX). That is exactly how I felt, poisoned...

    Maybe it was the food(if you call it that), maybe it was the meds, but overall I know how my body felt and I didn't like it at all.

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    Awww....that sucks That's a nasty reaction for someone trying to be sweet to his wife.

    It is fine to have to occasional cheat meal, but maybe you could find a few local places that have some at least sort-of primal choices so you don't feel like crap after? Then you can enthusiastically accept your wife's invitation and just casually suggest a couple places where you are safe.

    Don't worry about converting your wife for now. The best way I've found to get followers is to lead by example and then just answer any questions I get. No preaching.

    Also, your reaction to the foods is likely temporary - after a year or so eating this way I don't feel so crappy when I eat crap anymore.

    That is some blood pressure! Make sure you are getting plenty of potassium and magnesium - many people need to supplement one or both of them even with great primal eating. Also a dose of liver every week to get your B vitamins may help.
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      I feel your pain
      I well and truly over did the chocolate at Easter and my BP spiked 40mmhg and is only slowly dropping again...


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        I think if you stop eating some things, like grain and veg oil, your body forgets a bit how to handle them. I think its quite common to have a bad reaction to going back to something you used to eat all the time but have stopped. I definitely find veg oil things truly repellent now, and I am not comfortable eating a large amount of sugar.


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          Same here. I used to be able to tolerate a bit of artificial sweetener here and there, the occassional food cooked in vegetable oils, and some of the processed nut milks with guar gum or other fillers. Now the best reaction I have to those is a burning sensation throughout my body and a horrible, zitty breakout, and the worst is that I fall asleep feeling like a freight train ran over my face.
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            It is YOUR body.

            Secondly- it is pretty easy to stick to primal and eat out. Sushi, places like Chipotle, anywhere with a steak and veggies. The worst places would be pizza places. I even found a decent option at a veg restaurant.

            I recommend choosing nicer restaurants- non-chain to dine out at. The nicer places you can have a meal and it isn't a cheat- a few weeks ago I had grilled fish and grilled veggies. You might not be getting the grass fed meats, but if you ask you can avoid the soy oils.

            Maybe it is my experience as a vegetarian- but you learn where you can and can't eat within your diet. As a veg- never eat at a BBQ place or a burger joint. As a primal, no fast food, no pizza and i imagine mexican is probably the hardest (probably chinese too). The safest places are probably higher end places with a focus on local foods, BBQ, sushi, anyplace with grilled stuff (greek, middle eastern).

            Hopefully your wife will see how much that meal hurt you and stop asking you to cheat, but finding some safe restaurants for yourself might be a good move in terms of a happy marriage.

            Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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              holy crap Mountain Dew! That stuff glows! Eeek ( okay so it glows after adding some other ingredients to it but seriously how do people drink that stuff?)

              How to Make Mountain Dew Glow Without Glow Sticks | I wonder if your wife has seen this? According to ehow it glows for up to two hours... I originally saw this via pinterest for a makeshift night light in case the electricity goes or something..

              Anyway!!! tangent- but I agree with whats been said find something more friendly ( and show the wife the glowing mountain dew! lol!)

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                Thank you all for the responses!

                LexxyV86, the Mt. Dew article was awesome! As a chemist geek I am half tempted to break down the chemical reactions to understand why it glows... Nerd Rage(youtube user), actually has a glow stick recipe that does not use Mt Dew, but shows what chemicals he uses... Ethyl Acetate, Phenolethyl Anthracene, Sodium Acetate, 30% Hydrogen Peroxide, and Trichlorophenyl oxalate. All of which are not good for human consumption, and disturbs me beyond belief that Mt Dew can be manipulated to show similar results!


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                  Maybe you can just pick better restaurants, or just make better choices at bad ones.

                  If I had to go to Taco Bell, I would get a burrito supreme or whatever they call it or if they have fajitas, that, and unwrap it from the tortilla. I'd probably have to order several of them in order to get enough food.

                  At a pizza place I'd see if they have wings.

                  At a burger place I'd get a burger, maybe a double bacon cheese burger and eat without the bun. They used to sell baked potatoes at Carls Jr but I don't know if they still do.

                  If possible I'd see if we could trade up a bit. Like maybe find a mom-and-pop Mexican taqueria instead of Taco Bell, especially one where they have sessos and lengua on the menu and you have to know a little Spanish to know what to order. The spicy carrots and jalapenos are good, the hot grilled chilles, all the delicious salsas. Any kind of taco can be eaten with a fork and no tortilla (or just eat only a couple of the tortillas) and they sometimes have a meat stew, I think it's called birria, and sometimes menudo on Sunday mornings.
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                    The best way I've found to get followers is to lead by example and then just answer any questions I get.


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                      Wow, that is some reaction! I guess you had to learn the hard way and there are some great suggestions here on how to avoid it next time. I noticed that after 4 weeks of Primal/Paleo, my taste for chocolate, my loooong time addiction, has changed. I've been nibbling on dark chocolate (70%) as an occasional treat but recently tried to nibble on semi-sweet choco chips and found them waaay too sweet. I threw them out and went back to dark chocolate! I am glad I didn't have such a severe reaction like you did! (ok the cookies I had over the weekend-- a whole box-- did give me a little rumbly in my gut) However, I shall learn from your experience and not push it!

                      Get well soon! (and tell your wife "I told you so!" for that experience!)


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                        My husband isn't on a primal diet either, it's just me. I told him 'we don't have the budget to eat out often' (which is a lie, because I do the bills and set money aside for 1/4 cow and quail/wild fish for freezer), so when we do eat out we go to this CHEAp chinese buffet that has all you can eat everything, including oysters, clams, fresh cut fruit and steamed veggies...besides the breaded chicken, pork, french fries, rice and sweet and sour sauce and chow mein etc...

                        Of course I pick this place so I can continue to stay primal while eating out.

                        He comes back with a plate full of chow mein noodles, white rice, sliced potatoes and 2 pieces of breaded chicken.
                        I come back with a plate full of clams, oysters, roasted pork and a couple broccoli
                        I'm just glad he orders water to drink, instead of soft drink.