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  • Nutrient Build Up

    This might be a foolish question but here it goes. I believe I eat a healthy, natural diet but my meals are extremely varied because of travel. Do not always know what will be available to me so I make the best choices possible.

    For example, one day I may consume many vegetables, nuts and fruits and very little animal protein. But the next day, it might be the opposite. Lots of animal protein but very few vegetables, nuts and fruits.

    Question is, can a body build or store the antioxidants and nutrients and have them carry over. Or does the body need that constant and relieable drip, drip, drip, of fruits and vegetables.

    (Yes, I am aware of the 80% good/20% relaxed rule but I am thinking more long term and big picture.)


    PS I am looking for more fact based/science answers and not first person experiences in order to keep the discussion focused.

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    it really depends on the nutrient. fat-soluble nutrients will stay in the body until they're used (and thus you can OD on them). Water-soluble nutrients will usually be excreted if you've over-consumed them. i think there are exceptions, but i do not know the details.
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