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Adding water to canned coconut milk to replace cow's milk to drink?

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  • Adding water to canned coconut milk to replace cow's milk to drink?

    Does anyone add water to canned coconut milk to replace cow's milk to drink? My son LOVES cow milk and I want to try to start switching him over to coconut milk, but of course the canned milk is too thick to just drink. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how much water to add to the canned coconut milk to make it drinkable?

    Thanks for your help!!!

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    You can certainly do it. Canned coconut milk is about 3 times as calorie-dense as whole milk, so adding 2 parts water to 1 part coconut milk should give an appoximation of whole cow's milk calorie-wise. I haven't tried it myself to see what it's like.

    Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Nuts, coconut milk, canned (liquid expressed from grated meat and water)
    Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Milk, whole, 3.25% milkfat

    Is your son lactose intolerant? If not, I think milk can be a healthy part of his diet. Of course it'd be best to get milk from a local farm that is non-homogenized or maybe even raw if the farm is really good.


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      My son loves the milk but sometimes gets belly aches from it so I thought if I could maybe even switch it out once in a while, especially in the mornings before he goes to school, that would at least help him during school time.


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        Oh ok. Then it sounds like a good plan. Gut health is very important and if he's having issues from the milk, it's definitely best to cut it out, at least for the time being.

        Note also that the coconut milk diluted 2:1 will be lower in carbs and protein and higher in fat than cow's milk:
        Cow's milk = (8 - 13 - 8)
        Diluted Coconut milk = (16 - 2 - 1.6)

        If it's just a glass or two, it shouldn't make a difference if the rest of his diet is good.
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          Thanks for your help!!!


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            Experiment, and use the nutritional info of cows milk and cocnut milk to work out the same fat proportions. i have done this, I wold warn however that preserving coconut milk in your fridge is not as easy as regular milk.

            It seems to go bad faster, perhaps because its not as sterile, so I suggest making a batch and freezing into bottles which will be used up over 2 days, ofcourse you may find drinking it often enough is not a problem I used it for coffee and tea a while ago, and it lasted ages, so ended up trying to add things like honey, or a pinch of salt or a few drops of lemon juice to try and preserve... not straightforward lol

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