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How can my grandma gain weight?

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  • How can my grandma gain weight?

    Hi all,

    My grandma needs some help gaining weight in a healthy manner. She's 80 years old, has pretty bad osteoporosis and not much of an appetite. She's been seeing a Nutritionist who has no idea what she's talking about. The Nutritionist is very overweight herself and suggests that my grandma fatten up by overindulging in ice cream and peanut butter! She's also got her drinking Ensure - which is full of junk and too much sugar itself. I suggested to my grandma that she try increasing her protein and fat intake, but like I said she doesn't have much of an appetite anymore.

    Then I was wondering - would Whey Protein powder be a good thing to add to her diet? I also told her to feel free to eat as much butter as she wants - butter being a major weakness of hers

    Just the way she describes this Nutritionist makes me cringe - my grandma mentioned to her how much she loves fruit, and the Nutritionist said "now remember, you're not getting any calories from fruit" - you mean to tell me there aren't any calories in bananas and oranges!?

    Anyway .... any helpful suggestions?


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    Whey protein or some other protein powder isn't a bad way to get some extra calories & nutrients into her, as long as she tolerates it. You could even get a plain whey powder (so there'd be no excess sugar or flavorings) and mix it with water (or milk if she tolerates it) and she could have smoothies with her favorite fruits that way. I think encouraging healthy fats & protein would be the best way to go, but whey protein wouldn't be a bad crutch if that's all you can get her to use.
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      Smother some sweet potatoes with butter would do the trick. The sweetness of the potatoes should satisfy her sweet tooth.


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        RAW dairy!
        Bone broth! Bone Marrow!
        Supplement with Colostrum, Enzymes and Fermented Cod Liver Oil/High Vitamina Butter Oil combo a.s.a.p.!

        Synertek Colostrum for Colostrum (growth factors for bone)
        Green Pasture Products for Cod Liver Oil/High Vit. Butter Oil Blend (necessary fats and vitamins needed for bone formation)

        Raw dairy is a complete food and has saved MANY lives in history. It's a liquid so it'll be easy to just gulp down without chewing.
        Bone Broth will give her all the needed minerals to rebuild bone. It's also a liquid and can just be drank instead of her usual liquids.
        Putting weight on an already fragile skeleton will only induce a fracture. She needs to focus on rebuilding some bone first which happens rather quickly even in elderly when given the right foods.

        Cook her some liver once a week when she regains her appetite.


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          I was force-fed Ensure myself as an underweight child to gain. It is not a pleasant experience. Have your grandma eat an avocado or a handful of healthy nuts in addition to her usual diet? It's not too much additional food and they're quite nutrient-dense. Use more butter and healthy fats in her food preparation for whatever she does eat.
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            Vitamin D3 with a good quality vitamin K2 may help with her osteoporosis - the should be taken together.

            What is she eating now and how underweight is she? Does she have a poor appetite?

            Can you cook for her? I second the bone broth recommendation. Also lots of butter, coconut oil, eggs, etc. Many elderly people get an upset stomach of GI issues quite easily, so don't make any abrupt changes.
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