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    I had IBS for seven years. Had to take a fiber supplement every day. If I missed a day I would be messed up for three days. Within a week of going Primal I was able to stop taking a supplement and all systems are normal.

    Sweet potatoes help me when I get the occasional bout of diarrhea. Microwave a big old sweet potato, put on some butter and I'm good. Your gut may be really irritated, so you want to eat soothing food. Sugar is definitely not going to help. I would try root vegetables, sweet potatoes & carrots, cooked of course, and cooked starchy vegetables, like broccoli. No raw foods. No dairy. No coffee. If the veg gets you in control after a couple of days, start adding meat, and a cooked fruit, like applesauce. I slice apples over pork chops, cover and bake them. Yum.

    Have you beenhaving butt trouble in general? Many of the symptoms for IBS can be attributed to more serious maladies, like colon cancer. I had a colonoscopy, just to be sure, which is where the IBS diagnosis came from. CW medicine never even discussed my diet, just told me they don't really know what causes it, and had me take a fiber supplement. which helped, but certainly did not make everything normal. IBS is a diagnosis by elimination (no pun intended). It's not Chron's, it's not Celiac's, it's not diverticulitis, it's not colitis, it's not colon cancer, therefore we'll call it IBS. Take Metamucil and good luck. PB took care of it for me.


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      Pepto Bismol works as well, and I think it's a little milder that Immodium.
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        lil_earthmomma- I'm sorry it did that to you. I'm sure that was a rough time! I've become so doubtful and wary of these types of pills. I've never fasted before (and I do love food) but I'll look into that. Thanks for your input.

        prib81-Thanks for confirming slippery elm bark. I'll look for it next time I'm at the health store.

        Angieh-Yeah it's good you're not too dependent on it. And I will probably send a message to Robb Wolf about this. Let's hope we can get some answers. Thanks again.

        PrimalPotter-Hey there. I've had IBS since 2008 I believe. I was given prescription meds for it. The main one was a higher dosage of Zantac that I had to take twice daily. I believe I have been cleared of the really major diseases like Crohns, UC, and Celiac. I really feel it was a really bad reaction to a sugar binge fest (and possible some emotional troubles). I just got back from the doctor's (the same one who prescribed the Zantac) and he could only suggest Kaopectate. He said it was a more natural way of stopping it than using Imodium. (Why can't hey make Kaopectate into a pill!? Instead of diarrhea I'll be puking...nasty stuff that.)

        I will look into trying your suggestion of cooked root veggies. Aside from carrots I don't eat much of those (especially cooked) but if it helps I'll try to find a way to make it work for me. I'm meant to be taking fiber supplements now but I stopped thinking it would make the diarrhea worse.

        Hehe no I don't think I have "butt" problems. Before it was just constipation and the horrible stomach cramps. Now it's the other way around. Diarrhea, stomach cramps and urgency. Strange thing is, I've never had any super painful reactions to my constipation as I did this time with diarrhea. I probably have a few hemorrhoids from the awful acids that come as well as this odd need to push a little (it's weird to say push when referring to diarrhea) but other than that I think I'm okay. I'm afraid of getting a colonoscopy.

        But I do wish just this once I can begin to have normal bathroom visits. I'm exhausted from both extremes.

        Thanks so much for you input. It was pretty informative!
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          It appears as if this diarrhea won't go away just by what I eat. Whatever I eat it always ends up being the same. I'm starting to think that it's more to do with the stress it's caused me and how the stress is feeding the diarrhea and vice versa.

          While I know the 3 days or so of sweets did not help, I think now it's becoming a matter of being depressed and some kind of weird mental connection between gut and brain. Now I'm super depressed about the situation. I don't want to have my life revolve around whether or not I'm near a toilet.
          1st Start: 8.25.12
          SW: 151 CW: 147 GW: -150
          HW: 195


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            Dude, take my advice! It sounds like you have a serious gut issue. You may want to get tested. This could lead to worse problems. Don't be afraid, there are lots of solutions. It will all be okay, you just have to take care of it. Underground wellness has two podcasts with Dr. Allison Siebecker. they are worth listening to.
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              Hi Byakko,

              I've had similar IBS issues (alternating C/D, remission, then flare-ups) for several years, and that's what eventually led me to MDA. Check out the info on FODMAPs, the SCD diet (Specific Carbohydrate Diet), and the GAPS Diet (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) for some good paleo-specific advice about treating IBS. Immodium just hides the symptoms, when you really want to find the cause.

              I found that my system would get out of place if I ate a lot of sweets or bad carbohydrates, particularly when I had stress, and it could take several weeks (or months!) to get it to settle down again. What I did this last time was go on a fast for a day or so, then build up with safe foods (FODMAPs-friendly) for a week, and then gradually expand until I was feeling better. Bone broth was a great start, and well tolerated. I also do well with home-fermented 24-hour yogurt (no lactose) and kefir (no lactose). Then lots of safe fruits and vegetables, and of course go really high protein. (check out this chart for the FODMAPS guidelines: FODMAPs Checklist « Well Balanced. Food. Life. Travel.).

              For me, it took a lot of meditation, biofeedback, and stress relief for me to get better, in addition to the FODMAPS+SCD+GAPS protocol. I trusted that it wasn't all in my head, but realized that my head could keep my gut from getting better if I didn't chill the hell out about it and laugh a little.

              These diets work wonderfully well with the PB because they are pro-protein, pro-fat, anti-grain, anti-sugar. I got halfway better with FODMAPs (no wheat, rye, barley), but I didn't get completely better until I took the plunge and gave up ALL grains, even oats (supposedly safe) and ALL desserts. Took several days and a pretty killer low-carb flu, even though I had not been eating crap beforehand. Then I really focused on making sure my protein was very high, which I hadn't done before (turns out I had been eating like a pigeon out of fear).

              I really had to go all or nothing and then wait for my system to heal, but I have no temptation to fall back on sugar anymore!

              Good luck!

              (p.s., watch out for other trigger foods that aren't specifically FODMAPs -- some people have trouble with nightshades (including tomatoes), chocolate, and coconut milk (me especially), for example.)