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  • Stevia

    Is it ok to use Stevia while doing Primal?

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    I used to, still do, kind of infrequently. I don't think it's horrible, but it's probably best left as an occasional indulgence.
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      I would certainly say yes! Stevia doesn't feed bad bacteria like regular sugar/honey etc


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        I grow it and I still don't eat it. I suppose that if you are going to eat sugar, or other sweeteners and you can get 100% stevia then sure, but if you aren't eating sugar then why eat this stuff (unless you like the taste of course)? I don't know about where you are but many 'natural stevia' products contain other stuff.

        Stevia, if natural, has its own flavour.

        I should point out that I think, and this is my opinion, that it's better to just give up sugar and sweetening agents, along with baked goods, at least until well established eating paleo or primal. After that, one may well tweak for individual preference.

        IIRC Mark has sugar in coffee?
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          Stevia is a perfectly fine sweetener. It is a minimally processed whole food. Just a plant. Very primal.

          It can be very important as a transition sweetener for people trying to wean themselves from a sugar addiction. It's good for weight loss, since it has zero calories.

          What you will find, though, that when you have cleansed yourself of sugar, you will find yourself wanting extra sweeteners very rarely. I hardly use stevia at all any more.


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            I believe there is a little stevia in Mark's "Primal Fuel".