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Cuts of meat??

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  • Cuts of meat??

    Which cuts are the best for me to purchase?

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    I can only tell you which ones I prefer. And then there'll be a nomenclature issue because we use different terms in the English speaking world . It is entirely up to you which cuts to buy. Just don't stick to lean cuts if you really want to enjoy meat

    My favourite beef cuts are chuck on the bone, short ribs, scotch fillet and t-bone. My favourite lamb cuts are shoulder, shank and leg. Pork is belly, shoulder and chop
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      Should have clarified a bit more. I'm looking for the fattier cuts Thanks for the recommendations. I'll have to go see my butcher this week!


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        Rib Eye is fatty and tender - and because it has lots of fat it is extra tasty. I eat the fat.

        Here are a couple of links with some good info on all the cuts - on this page what I call a Rib Eye is called a Prime Rib steak: Live to Eat - The Healthy Butcher's Monthly Newsletter
        or this one: Beef cuts

        But then the cow it comes from also matters. For example tonight I had a New York steak grilled on a hot grill three minutes tops on each side. It was soooo tough - it should have been stew meat. It was local grass-fed beef and I think that cow must have been training for a marathon!
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          Jojo posted great links. The cow most definitely matters!!! If you get beef from a 6yo broody cow, it's going to have a much different taste and texture than meat from a 2yo steer or heifer. Breed also makes a difference - certain breeds have more fat vs lean, and incorporate that fat differently. Everyone goes gaga over Black Angus, but I have found that in a comparably-aged and fed beef animal, Red Angus or Hereford meat is just as good.

          Rib eye and prime rib are the same thing - they come from the same cut of meat. Most commonly, the steak itself is called a rib eye, and only referred to as prime rib when roasted entire and then cut to order.
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            If you can afford it, rib-eye is the way to go. Hands down my favorite cut.

            That being said, I can never afford grass-fed ribeye, so I get cheap roasts (from my experience, chuck roast has more fat than others), ground beef, short ribs, and cheaper steaks like top sirloin, and augment the fat content with bone marrow. Trying to get straight up beef fat from the butcher at whole foods, and they said they would, but then called back and said they used it all for the ground beef.
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              On a side note, it makes me happy that fattier ground beef is cheaper than the leaner stuff! Whereas it seems that the more fat a steak cut has, the more expensive it is! DMNDS!
              I never know what to put in these things. I write songs!


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                Yeah, Rib-eye is SOOOO expensive! Yikes. I've bought chuck but it's almost completely inedible just cooked in a pan. Apparently it must be slow-cooked.
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                  i love hangar steak.... i think maybe its from flank?... fairly economical and very tasty!
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                    Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
                    Yeah, Rib-eye is SOOOO expensive! Yikes. I've bought chuck but it's almost completely inedible just cooked in a pan. Apparently it must be slow-cooked.
                    shhhh... Don't tell anyone, but get the short ribs. A little less meat, and a bit more connective tissue, but the flavor and fattiness are on par with the ribeye.


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                      Thanks everyone! I can't afford the pricey Rib Eye, but can definitely look into the other cuts.