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Pregnant, nauseous and donít know what the hell to eat

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  • Pregnant, nauseous and donít know what the hell to eat

    I’m pregnant (and a Type II Diabetic) and am struggling with pretty serious nausea. I had been keeping to a decent diet for the past few weeks despite some queasiness. But today the nausea took a turn for the worst and all I can stomach (that doesn’t aggravate all the acid and nausea) are crackers and cheese, or a few bites of mini waffles. Or ice cream. Terrible I know and I hate that I'm eating these things but don't know what else to do. The combination of these foods along with the pregnancy hormones have also, er, slowed down some other bodily functions as well...

    Help. Does anyone have suggestions for some gentle low carb food that I might be able to stomach? I mean eggs and meat right now just make me want to hurl...I made bone broth a week ago and the smell of it now is absolutely horrendous. I'm completely at a loss.

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    I was also feeling terribly sick and vomiting a lot in the first few months. I went completely off meat, and just the sight of it(raw mostly) was enough to make me vomit. I did go off a lot of other foods as well, and the only foods I actually fancied were berries and anything sweet. But the nausea only got worse when my blood sugar level got too low, so sugary/carby things only worsened the problem. And they also made me quite constipated ... But I was thinking that it's better to eat some junk than nothing right?
    I did in the end realize that eating like that only made it worse, and decided to go back to eating primal again. That meant making myself eat meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables even if I didn't enjoy it at all. It wasn't until the nausea went away I actually started enjoying food again, but making myself eat foods I knew were good for me did make me feel better. I also stopped getting constipated.
    One thing I did actually enjoy was gluten free crisp breads with liver pate or mackerel in tomato sauce. Handy when you need something quickly.

    So to sum it all up:
    - Make sure you don't get too hungry.
    - Make yourself eat primal food even if you don't enjoy it.
    - Avoid too much fiber and sugary foods.
    - Let someone else do the cooking if the smell makes you feel sick. I had to leave the room sometimes ...
    - Remember that it most likely will get better after the first 3 months.

    I hope this helps.
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      I found that Trader Joe's Papaya and Pineapple enzyme tablets were really helpful. They are chewable, and I found that they settled my stomach nicely and allowed me to eat.

      From there, move to sprouted grain bread (ezekiel) since this is the healthiest bread (as bread goes. not primal, but I'd rather you get something into your stomach), and then see what you can add from there.

      It won't last long.


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        oh, and bone broths. try your broths.


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          I can relate to those feelings, although I was eating grains (and everything else) at the time.

          Since you say meat, bone broths, and eggs make you too queasy, you could try concentrating more on fish or chicken for protein (or even simple chicken soup). If ice cream does it for you, there are some primal versions out there (Coconut ice cream), although in the case of diabetes it's probably not a good idea to eat too much. If ice cream is not a problem how do you tolerate yogurt? What about some crackers made from coconut flour? Don't know if they actually exist or not. Did find this: "Cheese Crackers - This is a delicious wheat-free, sugar-free snack that is quick and easy to make. They look like cookies with a crispy cookie-like texture but the taste is distinctly that of a cracker."

          When I think about gentle from the primal list I think pumpkin, squash, or sweet potato. It might not be as low carb, but a few spoons might settle your stomach.

          Don't know if that helps you or not, but I hope you'll be feeling better soon!
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            Thanks guys for your responses. I agree, Valkyria that the nausea gets far worse when I go too long w/o eating. I had been forcing myself to eat primal things. Last night's dinner was one boiled egg that I thought would make me feel better but my stomach started gurgling like crazy after I ate it and this morning the nausea was back with a vengeance.

            I'll try the enzyme tablets zoebird. Are they safe during pregnancy?? BTW I noted that I did make bone broth when my sense of smell was less acute. That same bone broth now sends me running from the room. Yuck!!!!


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              Fish and chicken make me feel sick too! 2 days ago I could eat chicken with no problem. Today the thought of it turns my stomach!

              As for the Coconut ice creams, the brands I've found at WholeFoods (SoDelicious I think?) have chicory root in the list of ingredients. I've read that chicory root can cause uterine contractions!

              I will give the sweet potato a shot...just bake in the oven? Thanks for the suggestions!


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                How about ginger tea--just boil some slices of ginger root. Greek yogurt? Pumpkin custard?
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                  Sweet potato with butter or virgin coconut oil. It's worth a shot!

                  I swear I've read somewhere that carb and fat are the preferred fuel for pregnant ladies, and that's why protein can be a big turn-off. Anyone know?
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                    Onalark~ From what I've seen, everyone is different. Some women do great with high protein, others, not so much.
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                      What about making some green smoothies? Throw in some yogurt for added protein or whey protein if that's your thing. Since you cand handle the ice cream, I'm guessing it would work. Do you have the energy to bake yourself some bread with coconut or almond flour? It would be better than wheat bread. Or maybe make a flax wrap since that has flax meal and coconut oil which are good? Keep nuts on hand to snack. I wasn't primal while pregnant but definitely had to eat every 3hrs and needed lots of protein. Apple spread with almond butter?
                      Any of that sound good?


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                        Thanks everyone for your prompt replies and suggestions!!! So far the following sound doable for me:

                        -Sweet potato (what's the best/easiest way to cook?)
                        -Ginger tea (why didn't I think of that???)
                        -Almond bread (I have a recipe!)
                        -Green smoothies - can someone share some recipes for some good green smoothies?

                        I will say that the options are a bit on the carby side but it's better then straight crackers, etc. and I need to eat something (and keep my digestive system running smoothly which it's not right now)!


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                          i've heard that sugar highs and lows can exacerbate morning sickness, so keep that in mind. personally, i'm of the opinion that you should eat whatever you can get down, primal be damned. when the queasiness lets up, focus on nourishing foods for your baby. also, there are specific foods that i simply can't eat now because i tried to introduce them while i was nauseated. even years after the fact, i still grossed out by couscous (as an example). so don't force any primal foods, you might develop an aversion to it.
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                            Have you tried white rice - maybe with a little butter and sea salt? Not low carb, but I think that if your body is demanding carbs now you should obey
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