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.7 protein, carbs 50 or more -- What about the fat?

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  • .7 protein, carbs 50 or more -- What about the fat?

    Maybe I missed something. I read the 21 day Total Body Transformation book last night to find what to eat and I'm still unsure what my fat % of my daily intake is supposed to be. I'll read the book again, but could someone tell me?

    Also, last night I had Mark's whey drink, nutrient supplements with 1 T. ground flaxseed.
    My stomach gurgled for about 2 hours. Not uncomfortable -- but weird -- even a couple of burps (tasting the capsules, I think).
    Also, I was surprised how darn sweet that drink is.
    Those who complain about sugar cravings should try some.

    Want to see what someone eats WITHOUT THE BOOK? Check the last post:

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    Eat fat for satiety. It will depend on how active you are and what type of activity you do. Some people here eat 80% calories fat. When in doubt, eat more (animal) fat.


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      Why bother with the whey protein drink? It's not real food. I think he offers that as a supplement for people who need extra protein in an easily-prepared manner, like athletes or whatever.

      I have found that meat comes in a package that is pretty much already composed of the right ratios of fat and protein. By meat I mean steak or chops with the rind of fat still on or ground beef or chicken with the skin still on. I eat a large portion of that at my meals and feel pleasantly full, no stomach gurgling, no bloated feeling, no worrying about the ratios. I eat as much of it as I want, which means I've had to get over that little voice in the back of my head that says a half a pound of beef is too much, or a half a chicken is too much. If a half a chicken sounds good today, I'll set it on my plate today. If all I want is the wing, that's fine, too. Toss in whatever side veggies, side tubers or side fruits sound tasty today, sprinkle liberally with salt, and I'm good to go.

      I've decided that any food that requires me to measure and calculate and otherwise use my pre-frontal cortex is probably the wrong way to go. Food that can just be eaten until my primitive brain says stop is the right way to go.
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        I don't see anywhere in your journal what you're actually eating, just a list of macros and calories. It might be helpful to know what your menu looks like.

        But I wouldn't worry about hitting a specific fat number. If you are eating meat and cooking with coconut oil and butter you're not going to be short on good fats. You don't have to eat a ton of them, and given your reasonably low overall caloric intake not eating a ton of fat makes sense. As long as you are eating to satisfaction most of the time (not trying to starve yourself) you'll get enough. And remember that if you are losing body fat, that means that whatever calorie deficit you are eating at is being made up by your fat stores--and they are made mostly of saturated fat. So you're actually "eating" more fat than you are putting in your mouth.

        Don't stress, and enjoy your food! Focus on how you feel and eat what makes you feel great.

        EDIT: Oh yeah, I agree with sbhikes to ditch the protein powder as a regular thing. Eat some meat instead. Protein powder is not real food, even if Mark Sisson sells it. It's far from being the worst thing you could eat/drink but real food is better in every way. Protein powder is useful for serious strength athletes trying to pack on lots of muscle, not so much for regular people trying to trim up or lose weight.

        EDIT 2: Oh yeah, one more thing. You might not want to bother with the forums for a while, honestly. Most people would do better to just read and follow the book at first, and get what success they can from it, and come here if they have trouble. There's a lot of conflicting information and controversy on the forums. But of course, do what works for you!
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          It's not really about counting macros and things and there is no magic number. Rough guidelines and people's experience suggest that a good pound of meat every day, and about half of your calories from fat on a typical day, works well. Focus on nutritious, minimally processed foods and the numbers will fall into place. Humans are very adaptable creatures, as evidenced by the fact that people disagree on what's healthy to eat. Can you imagine wolves (or cows) arguing about what's the most appropriate food for them?
          If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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            Is one of your aims weight loss? There are some guidelines in Primal Blueprint for weight loss.

            Determine calories required for weight loss..this should include activity level.

            Determine protein requirement based on lean body mass, carbs 50gms to 100gms (more if very active or wanted) then the remainder of calories to come from fat.
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              ...or better yet, just eat real food and start with meats with fat and add in green leafy veg as your base diet, then add in other veg for flavour and variety.

              Conventional diets have you monitor everything, and the result is that you become obsessed with the numbers AND you lose the ability to use your hunger to self monitor what you eat. Sure, check what you are eating but just use the numbers to tweak your foods.
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                As others have said, if you are trying to lose weight, you need to eat more veges. The Atkins model is a good starting point - eat lots of veges, keep carbs very low - you start with 20 per day and work your way upwards by adding back more variety. It's perfectly easy to do a 'Primal Atkins' - it's basically what I am doing.
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