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Coconut Flour & Weight Loss

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    Originally posted by john_e_turner_ii View Post
    Here is the link to the recipe: coconut flour bread

    This recipe made a small loaf since the bread doesn't rise much. So, I doubled it, and used a regular size bread tin, and it came out like normal size bread. I had to extend the cooking time about 5-10 minutes, so you may have to adjust as well.

    I actually made some last night. I will have a slice here and there for a week or so until it's gone. I have tried making a sandwich with it. Normally I will have it plain or have a little honey on top.

    Thanks John! Appreciated.
    I'm not a complete idiot! There's parts missing!!


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      Primal swan I would love to have your recipes for Scotch eggs and also the casserole with sweet potatoes. Thank you.


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        Health-Bent | Paleo Sweet Potato Pancakes with Maple, Pecan Coconut Butter

        I would make these as an occasional treat, but otherwise I stick to the basics. As someone else said these kinds of treats make me crave more.


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          I use coconut flour to make muffins and pancakes, mostly for my daughter. My family is not primal (yet!) but I try to make their diet as primal as possible. But I agree that low carb baking is akin to eating a meatless burger.

          Someone mentioned duck eggs being more filling. That is my experience, too. Don't know why.

          Scotch eggs rule.


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            As far as i know basically coconut is highly cholesterol.. So obviously its flour also like that.. Dont take too much this especially for the BP, sugar Patients... Just add a little bit if you wish.


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              My experience is a little different, possibly because the amount of coconut flour I use in mine is small (about a tablespoon per 2 eggs and bananas). I haven't craved anything pre-primal because of this and probably really enjoyed the banana pikelets cos of the spices and butter I love the sweet and salty combination of the banana and butter. I've been primal since last August, so not sure if that is relevant (as in a long enough time to adjust).