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Upping carbs to battle cold hands and sleepiness....

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  • Upping carbs to battle cold hands and sleepiness....

    I've been doing a very low carb diet now for almost two months... About one month of a more primal version of the diet, but still about as low carb as possible. ( I wanna lose the gut ASAP! Lol)

    Anyway, in the past week or two I've been noticing that my hand and feet are cold all the time, and that I'm feeling more tired during the day than usual. I've heard and read in a few places that these are fairly common symptoms of thyroid problems that can come about as a result of the VLC diet. I'm not too keen on going in for blood tests if I can figure out something that works by experimenting a little.

    My question is this.... If I want to add in a few more carbs to my diet, I am leaning more towards adding in some white rice once or twice a week, and maybe some fruit about as often. Would it be better to aim for getting a steady amount daily? Or is two or three days a week ok?

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    Just add them back in slowly and find what ratio and schedule works best for you. I eat natural carbs every day and feel fantastic, but other people have better results cycling their carbs and so on.
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      I have days where I have more carbs and days where I don't. My "cycling" is purely by chance. But, I'd also recommend tracking your calories for a bit. What your mentioning are symptoms of very low calorie.


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        I experienced this with low carb. Start taking your temperature, it provides a simple feedback mechanism. I found when I added some carbs back in at dinner time my temps went up and I slept a lot better too. You don't want to go to very low carb or low calorie for any length of time. Your response has been pretty quick so you are probably particularly sensitive.
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          Another suggestion - basically you have changed your diet so it may be the lack of carbs but consider vitamin/mineral deficiencies too. If you are eating less variety, which some people do end up doing, then you might have removed important vitamins and minerals from your diet. Remember Grok ate the whole animal including the liver, brains and thyroid. Make sure you are doing the equivalent.
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            It is definitely not low calorie... I'll add them back slowly and see what happens. Just a little nervous about slowing/stalling the weight loss. I've got about 30 pounds to go.

            Let me add...THANKS FOR THE REPLIES