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Acceptable levels of protein ingestion?

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  • Acceptable levels of protein ingestion?

    Ok, I've got Algonquin blood in me, ergo colder climate=More Meat eaten because, well, snow makes a terrible vegetable garden. Now, I'm not pure blooded, I'm about an 8th or a 6th Algonquin, however I could pass myself off as nearly full. I've ALWAYS had a massive craving for meat. Any and all meat, a meal is not a meal without meat was my motto growing up and my parents knew it. Now that I've gone primal, I've learned to L-O-V-E slabs of meat with animal fat still attached, tastes delicious. However, my previous creed of meat>Everything still stands, what's an "unhealthy" level of meat eating vs everything else? Does my genetic ancestry affect that at all?

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    Eat fatty primal cuts and you'll get the perfect ratios of protein to fat. These cuts get you about 60+% of their calories from fat. Eating nose to tail with bone broth and all and you might be a healthy carnivore. On the other hand its much like being a vegetarian. It takes more work to be sure that you don't suffer from any deficiencies.


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      How do I determine a nutritional deficiency?