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  • What do you think about that? :)

    Hi, I'm gadsie. (real name william). Some of you might know me as the orthorexic health-obsessed teenage guy around here.

    I just had chocolate milk with whipped cream and a big bowl of ice cream. Oh and a breaded fish fillet. And I'm hardly feeling guilty. Feels kinda good.
    Just wanted to throw it out there
    well then

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    Take care gadsie. Do what feels good- you should. You can figure it all out later.........


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      Good to hear you didn't have any ill side effects. Last night I ate some ribs, peanuts, buns, fries and a margarita. Shortly afterward I felt cold, got all shivery and had really bad abdominal pain. This morning I feel hung over and had a bloody stool. Lesson learned for me.


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        Hey, you ate like a regular teenager does, all day, every day, but for one meal.

        You're still ahead of the game....

        Don't ever feel guilty about it.

        Enjoy your life and feel proud that you found this way
        of eating IN your teenage years... not in your 40's...
        like me. HA!