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Grass-fed beef: in Italy don't know what it is

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  • Grass-fed beef: in Italy don't know what it is

    Hi there!
    I'm Giuseppe and, as you can see from the title of the thread, I come from Italy (Naples).
    Two years ago I began to eat organic because of my ulcerative colitis. My condition improved drastically but I never healed completely.
    Few days ago, I found this site and I began to read every single post I found in it. When I read the definitive guide on grains, my eyes opened: probably, the reason for which I didn't cure my colitis is because of the very high quantities of carbohydrates I eat, all in form of grains and other processed food, even if totally organic.
    I decided to give paleo diet a try from the next week but I notices a sad thing: there is no such a thing as grass-fed beef here in Italy. I searched in the markets, online: NOTHING. I eat organic meat but it's not grass-fed.
    Is there some Italians on the forum that resolved this problem and, above all, is it ok to eat organic beef, chicken and meat in general, even if they are not grass-fed?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Bongiorno paesano!

    Oh, how I love you Italians Welcome!!!

    Giiuseppe, if you cannot find grass-fed beef, don't worry about it. Certainly eat organic all you like. Try getting lean meat (as most of us agree, the toxins the animal ate resides in its fat), but cook it with butter, coconut oil, bacon grease, beef tallow, etc.

    You will find many of us have cured multiple gut diseases from going paleo/primal. Search the forums for colitis, and you will find plenty

    I would probably steer clear of high fiber, green veggies for now as well. They may be too hard on your gut. Try making bone broth too, and have that on a regular basis.

    See you around!
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      It might just be the labeling. Have you asked the grocery store or butcher how the cows are raised? They might be grass-fed and it just doesn't say so on the package.
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        They distinguish grass-fed here in the US because we do everything industrially, including feedlot feeding the cattle. Grass-fed is just a way to say that the cattle wasn't fed corn or soy in a feed lot like this:
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          On the producer's site they say their animals eat 100% organic food, they respect their natural growth rhytm, they don't use growth hormones, animal flours and gmo plants to feed them; oh, and they have a lot of space to move, natural sunlight and good airing. I don't know if they can be classified as grass-fed, by the way, they seem legit to me!
          I don't have all that choice: they have hamburgers (the one I use) and something else like chicken breast and few other meats. Is the hamburger ok or I have to see if they have some steak?

          P.S.=Thanks for the appreciation... I'm Italian and proud to be one!


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            Ciao! I live in Italy too and have been primal for about 2 weeks. It's been relatively easy with all the seasonal fruits and veggies readily available, daily shopping at the outdoor food markets, and tons of fresh fresh fresh fish. I think the diet here is generally much cleaner than the SAD except for the pesky problem of pasta, pizza and pane!!
            Anyhow, about the meat. I live in Sicily, largest island in the Mediterranean and an agriculture based economy, and in this period when you start driving through the countryside you see thousands of free range cows and sheep grazing on the sweet spring grasses. I'm not sure if their diet is also supplemented by grain based feed at other times of the year, which is entirely possible, but I at least get some consolation that at least a part of their diet is natural and grassed. I'm not sure about Naples and mainland Italy.

            Again, I'm new to primal and have to dig yet deeper. But this is what I've come up with this far. Buonagionata Grokiani!


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              Thanks for the answer; we don't live so far. I'm glad some Italian people found this lifestyle too.
              What type of meat do you buy?
              Lean, hamburger... just to know what is best!


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                I try to mix it up; steaks, lamb, ground beef, sausage, whole chickens, pork chops. I usually buy everything from my local butcher and not the supermarket where it's part of a mass distribution, it just gives me a little more piece of mind. I asked my butcher what cows eat in Sicily and he replied, after looking at me like I was a crazy-woman, that they ate grass. Sure hope it's true!

                I also buy coconut oil and coconut milk at a store run by an Indian family in Palermo and it's wonderful and high-quality product. You gotta get creative sometimes, but the Primal foods are out there you just gotta hunt them down!