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  • Dangerous Half Measures

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any opinions of lifestyle changes that would be bad to take in only partially without taking the lifestyle changes that accompany it. For example, while it is mentioned that cholesterol isn't bad, but what if one didn't give up the inflammatory foods that up LDL. In such an instance would a person eating high cholesterol foods be worse off than someone who stuck to CW?

    This question has come into my mind because I've approached the primal blueprint cautiously taking small adjustments at a time. As I am college student, by default, i'm on the free diet(in other words I eat anything that I can get my hands on that's free). I've spent my life living in a quasi IF kind of lifestyle living off chocolate, sardines and nuts. The constant movement and omnivorous diet has caused some weight fluctuation for me that has been somewhat extreme. I come home some days and notice I can see my abdomen muscles and my fat is taut against my skin and half a day later after eating an above standard portion of food my I can pinch my fat up to my first finger joint.

    When I'm not sleeping in a dunkin donuts near campus, I walk 20 minutes to campus/bike ~8 minutes every morning and night. I feel like I'm in pretty good shape but I think I can do better, so since spring break is here, I decided to load my fridge with primal foods, meats and vegetables and the occasional fruit. I spend from friday to yesterday eating an entirely primal diet which is remarkably easy cause to do self control when you have no money and other foods in the pantry. I even ditched milk which I love. Got turkey, beef, chicken, pork and various assorted root vegetables + generous amounts of cauliflower.

    The end result was good energy in the beginning but recently I'm sort of listless and I find myself sleeping a lot of days. Not to mention my urine is smelling funny from the amino acid concentration which kind of freaked me out but as there was no color change, I told myself it wasn't probably anything. I was still having some weight fluctuations

    So yesterday I found some whole grain pasta lying in the couch (don't ask lol), I bought it a while ago and I figured, waste not want not. I ate some with chicken and went to sleep and a really funny thing happened. I expected to be a bloated pig in the morning, but some layers came off and I feel a bit better mentally. Is this my imagination? Is this some carb addiction my body is used to that I need to transition out of? I'm not sure if I'm ready to make full leap yet.

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    Just to help you out here....I think your question changed about 3 times as your comment progressed. Best way to get some responses would be to clearly state one question


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      Just do as well as you can. It shouldn't hurt to eat the foods that are primal on top of any non-primal stuff you eat, as they are all real 'foods'. Maybe don't chase fifteen donuts after fifteen eggs, that sort of thing. Ehrm, you probably went through a little carb flu there, and yes, then it feels good to have carbs, but they keep you from getting efficient at burning fat.

      Instead of pasta, have paleo carbs aka sweet potato, white potatoes, white rice, soaked beans. All cheap. Pair with good fat (olive oil or coconut or lard or whatever you can afford), and as much protein as you need to be satisfied. Eggs or meat. If you don't go grassfed and organic, this diet is actually really your best bet, value-wise.