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What to eat after surgery or with a flu virus?

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  • What to eat after surgery or with a flu virus?

    Hi all, I am new here and new to Paleo/Primal. My son had flu like symptoms that turned out to be appendicitis. He just got home today after surgery and is starting to eat. He had clear liquids in the hospital and crackers. At home he has had some vegetable beef soup. I have been sharing my new knowledge of healthful eating and he is open to it. (He is 17)

    So usually you eat crackers when you are feeling queasy or your stomach is upset. What would be the Primal alternative? I have done an Internet search to no avail.

    Thanks for any advice. My son doesn't want crackers anyway, just the soup.



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    I'm recovering from a particularly nasty norovirus and one of the things that really helped is ginger tea.

    Grate a 1" piece of fresh ginger into a cup, cover with boiled water. When cooled slightly add a little raw honey.

    I also found homemade chicken broth to be soothing, the chicken meat from it is very soft and can be nibbled on when he feels like something a bit more solid.

    When he can cope with it add a tablspoon full of crushed raw garlic to each serving of broth, it will help detox the anaesthetic from his body.
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      Bone broth for sure and plenty of it.


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        Thank you.


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          Stewed fruit and greek yogurt.


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            Oh yeah, if they gave him antibiotics be sure to include some fermented items too when he is up to it.


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              I was recovering recently from a high fever and found that once it broke, some of the carb and sugar cravings I hadn't had for months had returned. Sometimes your body does need a refeed, when it's burned up all the glycogen in your muscles, so some GOOD carbs and starches aren't a bad idea. I made use of sweet potato noodles (get them at a Korean food market, they're called "chap-cheh") in chicken and beef broth and they worked wonders.

              Best of luck to your son in his recovery, glad they caught his appendicitis in time!
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                I have kefir I can give my son when he is ready. And I hadn't thought of him needing the carbs. Duh!


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                  Bone broth.

                  Ginger/Peppermint/Fennel tea.

                  White rice.


                  Some soft cooked meats, eggs.
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