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There's hope after all

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  • There's hope after all

    My 18 year old daughters (and my wifes) doctor just prescribed the paleo diet for her! Told her to read "The Paleo Solution" by Rob Wolff and get recepe ideas from "Everyday Paleo".
    I've been trying to get her to go paleo, and she saw the doc for migrains. The doc did this independent of me (she doesn't know I eat paleo).

    She is slowley embracing it, but is at the point of "what can I get away with"...

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    I guess I'm on a bit of a tear and am posting like a madwomen today...but that's what happens when you have a good breakfast!

    Just wanted to say, good luck w/ that, for your daughter. I was a longtime sufferer of migraines and this helped TREMENDOUSLY. See if you can just get her to make a commitment to it for a measurable period of time. When we think we're giving something up *forever*, without certainty of it *working*, it can be hard to follow or adjust your choices.

    But see if she'll just give it 6 months and then review how she feels.

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      I've been a migraine free gal since I've been strictly Primal (well over a year and a half) - but one diet coke or ANYTHING with Aspartame in it, and my headache-free streak is out the window! I'll have a whopper within minutes and it will last for days.

      I hope it she'll stick with it - she'll have a new lease on life if she does.
      Life is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.

      - Robert Louis Stevenson


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        Thanks! She's a stubborn gal. She just asked me if peanut butter cookies were OK to make! I'm trying to walk the line between being too strict and doing it enough to "work". I got her some Quest bars. Maybe that will be enough to stave off her sweet tooth.