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    My doctor knows what i'm talking about when I bring them up. The first time she doubled my dose and had me take one dose in the am and one in the early pm b/c she thought I was metabolizing it quickly. It didn't stop them so we tried a different drug.

    Right now, I'm only taking the lexapro every other day or every 2 days. I took it yesterday to eliminate the zaps, but haven't taken it today and so far no serious zaps (mini minor ones that scare me but aren't disorienting or annoying). I expect the zaps to arrive tomorrow afternoon, which is about typical anymore. I wonder when I'll be brave enough to endure them for one more day before taking my meds??
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      Neither my husband nor I have ever been officially diagnosed with depression, but we are both definitely prone to depression, and have been on an eternal quest to fix ourselves.

      In the past, I had a good experience with sam-e, but the positive effects on me only lasted a few weeks, then seemed to disappear. It worked for my husband, but gave him insomnia.

      I had a good experience with phenylalanine and tyrosine, which are precursors to dopamine. Neither of these helped my husband, nor did 5htp or any of the adaptagens we tried like rhodiola.

      HOWEVER, we recently just discovered the most amazing antidepressent called Stablon. We ordered it from a UK company without a presecription. It works totally differently from the standard SSRIs, in fact the research I've read about it indicates that there are some benefits in taking it, such as increasing neuroplasticity of the brain. And instead of waiting weeks, it literally starts working within an hour. It has a short half life, so you're supposed to take it several times a day, but we take it as needed. For example, if in the afternoon my husband notices his mood is low, he'll take 2, and within a short time his mood is noticeably better. I highly recommend reading about and researching it, and if anyone wants more info about it, feel free to ask.