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Things I Would Like To See In Medical "Studies"

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  • Things I Would Like To See In Medical "Studies"

    People refer to almost any result of a peer reviewed scientific study as if a new law of gravity has been discovered. This is hardly the case, seeing as how so many studies completely contradict each other.

    I'm all in favor of science and scientific studies. I would just like to see some additional information published along with every study.

    1) Exactly what source funded the study? For example, was it a pharma company?

    2) How is the institution or organization that sponsored the study itself funded?

    3) Besides salary, what are the additional sources of income ("consulting fees", board memberships etc.) received by the management and top decision makers (i.e. the guys that hire and fire the guys that do the studies) at the institution or organization that funded the study?

    There are a thousand ways to introduce bias into a scientific study. I think we need this information before we can make informed judgments about results of any study.

    For an example of corrupt researchers see my earlier post:
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