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Anyone out there doing a Whole30 in April? I am!

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  • Anyone out there doing a Whole30 in April? I am!

    Hi! I was relatively new to primal in January of this year, when it seemed like everyone and their dog was doing a Whole30, and didn't feel ready to take on any added challenges. With a few more months of primal eating under my belt (ha! unintentional pun...) and coming off a recent vacation, I decided to start on April fools day. Cause this fool was ready!

    Just heading into my 4th day and I have to say I do feel like it is cleaning me up. I'm a little bit of a slacker at primal, probably closer to 66.6/33.3 rather than the optimal 80/20, but I've had some solid weight loss success --20 lbs gone as of the end of March -- and reaped a lot of health benefits along the way. For the most part, when I'm doing my customary slacker primal, I'm 'cheating' with pretty high quality foodstuffs: some rice, an organic tortilla, full fat greek yogurt, a white potato, some gluten free flour, a little honey or maple syrup here and there... along with wine and dark chocolate! I'm happy with my workouts too at the moment. I do a mixture of zumba, pilates, and weight training at a nearby studio all through the week and usually hike with some windsprints on sundays.

    Anyhow, just thought it would be fun to find some other people who might currently be doing a Whole30 and find out what they're cooking, what they're enjoying, and what's challenging them along the way...

    warm regards, L

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    I'm doing a Whole30 this month too. My cheats will be white rice occasionally, butter (because I know I don't have issues with it, but otherwise avoiding dairy), turning a blind eye to food sources & oils used for food this weekend (at PAX East convention), maybe 1-2 drinks on Easter (the 15th). I am also having raw, local honey in the morning to see if it helps with allergy relief, but I think the kind I got (filtered, so you can't see the wax & propolis and whatnot floating in it) is too "clean" to do anything.
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      I started on Whole30 April 1 as well - "So far" I am not cheating or bending the rules. Except today - I'm fasting between breakfast and dinner since I ran out of time before leaving for work to grab something for lunch.

      Four days in and I still don't like eating breakfast - or lunch for that matter. Fasting from after dinner to whenever I get hungry was working well for me and I will more then likely drop back into that pattern after the end of the month.

      Cooking has been - interesting. Had to tweak most of my recipes slightly to cut out all of the though shall not eat items. I also cook for two other people that don't follow pb at all. Was a bit shocked when no one asked me why the green beans had no butter on them last night.


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        hi! I already know nameless from the journal threads; nice to meet you otaku!

        yeah, I cook for nonPBs too, a husband and two daughters. and dinners are the easiest. i usually eat 2 out of 3 daily meals with one snack. what I'm seeing is how much i've relied on dairy to get me through the sketchier meals. like a big bowl of greek yogurt with berries, or some cheese with an apple.

        I made some ghee for myself the other day... and i just couldnt find a way to make coffee appealing without cream so I am having a big cup of black tea with some fatty coconut milk in the morning.

        so far these have been my dinners: chicken cutlets breaded in egg & hazelnut flour with a green salad that included grapefruit segments and avocado slices; a crock pot version of carnitas using fresh squeezed orange juice and fresh tomatillo salsa for the gravy, which I ate over thinly sliced cabbage and topped with some clean guacamole; and last night a balsamic vinegar and onion frittatta. I cooked that in the ghee because it didnt use terribly hot heat...

        this morning I had an omelet with ham and avocado... i dont think i would survive without avocado!!


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          Did you make the hazelnut flour or find it somewhere? I'm interested in using some nuts flours on occasion, my boyfriend seems to like it as a crust (he's not PB).

          I need to use my crock pot again, no matter that it's getting warmer out. It's so much easier for me than cooking when I get home from work when I'm tired!
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            I get the hazelnut flour at our Whole Foods, its Bob's Red Mill brand...

            Today I went out and got coconut aminos. Someone said they couldn't have done the 30 without their coconut aminos. Expensive little bottle: about double the price of a quality tamari sauce... but nom nom nom!

            Tonight i made cauliflower 'rice' cooked in coconut oil and coconut aminos, and a Thai yellow curry with chicken, sweet potatoes, asparagus and red pepper. Checked the labels on my curry pastes and they are clean enough for the Whole30.



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              What exactly does the Whole 30 involve? Is it just a restricted Primal diet? I see it mentioned a lot...


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                Hi Lucy and Jen!

                Lucy:You can find all the info you will need by googling Whole9 and Whole30 together. The Whole30 program was put together by the owners of Whole9, a crossfit organization. I think its much easier to do the 30 days if you are already used to eating primal... Its basically just a sort of cleansing 'reset' that will allow you to add things back into your diet gradually if you are so inclined.

                Jen: way to go! and welcome!

                Ok, I will admit to being a bad monkey... not with food... no! I weighed myself... Yeah; couldnt resist. Part of it was purely scientific, and part of it was completely prurient. I'll cop to that. I'm just fascinated with this whole fats, inflammation, & body mass conundrum. I don't own a ton of clothes, and I wear what I own in pretty heavy rotation, and my clothes just started fitting differently in the waist. Kind of loosening and hanging differently. Over the past few days, in a way that felt noticable. (Like I said, I've already lost 20 lbs. The first 12 or so kind of whooshed off during my six weeks or so of primal eating; the remaining 8 have been a slower slog through a series of small plateaus.) I got down to 169 before my cruise vacation and I returned home the same. So today I snuck out the scale and I'm 167... I don't really fluctuate much now that I dont have regular periods.

                Well, how do you describe that? Its not really a 'loss' but more of a deactivation I would say. And that probably means my body is able to address some more inflammed areas and clean those up..
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                  Sorry to cut out like that; something here at the daily apple is making my avast go crazy!

                  Anyhow... I felt smaller and lighter, and I was! Weird! But good weird...

                  Trying super hard to have a variety of proteiny things to eat all through the day. Gonna go make some devilled eggs now for lunch. Has anyone made their own mayo yet? My blender died, but I've watched our relatives in northern italy make it with just a whisk so I am going to try.

                  What are your thoughts on Easter? Wonder is taking the day off, which is a very valid approach, especially for someone who has been doing this for a while. I know I need to tighten up and make some real sacrifices to own this. Unfortunately April is just a gauntlet of social eating weekends: first easter, then a lavish 1st birthday for a new baby in our extended family, and then a bridal shower luncheon at an italian restaurant. I'm thinking maybe one off-plan indulgence at each event as equivalent to a single day off... which all boils down to: you can have a small piece of cake OR a glass of wine sweetheart but not both!! hahaha

                  still getting strange virus warnings... better vamoose! xoL


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                    Easter is a pretty major holiday for my family. They invite church friends over and I drag along my own friends and usually there's lots of drinking, meat indulgence, and good company. I plan on being primal except for turning a blind eye towards some of the ingredients in some of the dishes (if the salad has dressing on it already, oh well, if the ham is glazed, oh well) and a little bit of alcohol.

                    I guess the idea behind of the Whole30 is really going to enforce that you CAN enjoy these holidays/events without your normal indulgences, just wait and see! but I just don't want to. I haven't missed an Easter party yet (always came home from school for it) and it seriously just isn't as much fun if you aren't drunk along with everyone else haha. If I was not so attached to this day, I would not allow the cheat because there will be plenty of primal options there. Who knows, maybe I won't drink, we'll see. I guess I would suggest you consider how important these events really are for you and if it's going to be difficult/sad-making to not allow a cheat. At least I'm an easy drunk now, less than one cider will be enough
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                      My husband and I are on day 20 of our Whole30. No cheats at all. We're definitely firming up.

                      I'm looking forward to adding back my dark chocolate and wine, however!


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                        Originally posted by lucy1984 View Post
                        What exactly does the Whole 30 involve? Is it just a restricted Primal diet? I see it mentioned a lot...
                        Thats pretty much it in a nut shell. It is more akin to a paleo diet then primal.

                        If you follow their recommendations:

                        No Grains
                        No Alchohol
                        No Sweeteners
                        No Dairy

                        Probably missing a couple - don't have my book with me at work. They also have specific recommendations for amounts of protein/fat/veg to eat at each meal.


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                          I put on my belt this morning - kept trying to fasten it - turns out I need a new hole - its too big.

                          Been doing ok with breakfast - generally 3 eggs soft scrambled in coconut oil with a couple pieces of locally sourced sausage, a tomato and fresh blue berries in coconut milk.

                          Have pretty much failed on lunch since Monday - been having a bottle of kevita - lowest carb version and a handful of oven roasted almonds minus salt and oil.

                          Dinners haven't been too bad - this weeks theme is something that fits on a bun - even if I don't eat the bun. So it has been hamburgers, sloppy joes and a lettuce wrapped Italian mixed meat sandwich. Tonight will be fixing minute steaks with sauteed onions. Also have been een whittling my way through a pumpkin coconut custard.

                          Easter this years is going to be buttermilk marinated pot roast - figure thats technically legal since the milk is discarded before cooking.


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                            Because of my perfectionistic personality, I go really all-or-nothing on any sort of program, I realized. If I do that with the Whole 30 again, it's going to end up as nothing again. I think I'll just go with my 20% for select periods of time during the month Good luck to you all! It was fun doing the Feb with you guys.
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                              I'm on week 6... well I just never stopped the whole30. I realized I have major issues with most of the things I cut. Alcohol does not seem to be one, so on occasion now. No grains, sugars or dairy here though.